Math 246: Math for Elementary Education I

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Schedule: Unless otherwise noted, you do not need to bring your texbook to class unless you have a question on a homework problem assigned from the textbook.

Mon NH 205 Wed NH 2015 Thurs DL 101 Fri NH 205

Sept 7: Understanding sets: definitions, disjoint sets, subsets Watch the video about naming sets 
Homework due Friday

Links for in-class computer work:
Shodor Shape Sorter (2 sets)
Shodor Shape Sorter(3 sets)
Assignment (due Monday)

2-set (Venn diagram) puzzle problems:
Assignment (do #4 and 5 by Monday)
Read about using words to describe parts of a Venn diagram either here or in the textbook pgs. 63-69
Watch video example for #3
Today's notes

Sept 11 
Homework: Finish in the puzzle assn (from last Friday) with problems 4-7 complete (due Weds)

 Describing sets in words: set sentences (due Friday)
Some practice examples with answers

 Problem solving with shapes: area and perimeter.
Worksheet (due Monday)
Web tool
Notes on Problem Solving 
A video talking about the problem (understand the problem)

Notation for sets:
Assignment (due Monday)
Another online resource
Also the practice examples have set notation

Sept. 18 Patterns, functions and problem solving
Assignment (due Weds, but there will be a few minutes to work together and ask questions)
Notes from class
Another example
Homework solutions in D2L content

Perimeter patterns:
Perimeter pattern examples
Other pattern examples

Sets quiz review
  Table and chairs patterns, and middle school formulas:
Links: table and chairs
MS problems
MS discussion
Quiz 1 (Sets)
Patterns and graphs. Finish making tables and graphs for the examples we did in class
Sept 25 Solving problems with patterns and graphs. Notes and homework More problems to solve  Notes Review order of operations with an emphasis of the left to right rule situations.
The Khan Academy explanation is OK
Practice problems
Oct 2:  Multiplication
 Review of scaffolding and/or long division. No homework.
Practice problems for exam
Solutions to practice problems
Make a login and play some of  Lure of the Labyrinth
Assignment (may be done in groups)
 Exam 1
Oct 9: Addition and subtraction word problem types. Analyze these examples, and write your own problems for everything except Compare, Referent Unknown Retakeable quiz (take once before Thursday)
What to study to improve your score
Due friday: finish writing word problems for all 12 problem types. Here is info on CQU vs CRU

 Thinking Blocks

Notes (difficulty)
More notes (flow chart)
Still More notes (direct modeling)
Oct 16: Review of bar diagrams. Assn
The web site
More resources
In class note sheet
Read more about multiplication and division (do before Friday)

  Thinking blocks

Do this worksheet and this one for Monday.
Resources on division problems with remainders
Oct 23: Place value representations. Assignment Review
Review solutions
Smithsonian Maya Math
Quiz 2: Two-digit adding and subtracting. Assignment. Examples
Oct 30: Today we started this assignment on addition and subtraction strategies.  (due Friday)
More on Wednesday. Resources to read/watch.
The video we watched in class was #15: Bean Sprouts here
   Equals sign lesson
Link for problems 1-4
Link for problem 9
A video part 1 and part 2 (me talking)
due next Weds (more discussion Mon)
Multi-digit addigion:
sample "script"
video example

Nov 6: Finish the equals sign lesson from last Thursday (examples). 
Multi-digit subtraction.  Use the script from Friday.
Video example.

 Addition and subtraction sample student work to analyze. 
Assignment (due Monday)
Dividing with manipulatives
Link 1
Link 2
More with division
Assignment (due Weds)
Reading assignment

Nov. 13 Multiplication assignment
Video (due Thursday)


More notes for multiplication assignment.
Note that a part e was added to 3 and 4: do and label the lattice algorithm for both,
Test review
 Professor X and the Factorbots
Standard multiplication assignment
Test review solutions
Notes from the last couple of classes that might help with test review.
Nov 20 Test 2 Happy


Nov 27.Area Introduction
 Area Introduction second half assignment
Discovering formulas assignment  
 Web sites:
more parallelograms

 More area

Dec. 4: Pythagorean theorem and perimeter assignment

 Shape vocabulary
Homework (due Friday)

 Web site

Area  quiz
What to study
Symmetry assignment
Lesson to watch or read
Dec 11: Transformations worksheet Notes.
2-step transformations worksheet. Write up 7b to turn in Thursday for feedback.
Final review sheet


  Review sheet solutions
More review links

Final Exam: Mon Dec 18 3:30-5:30