Types of questions I may ask on the area quiz:

1. Find the area of a shape:
a. by counting unit squares.  See area intro
b. by using base, height and a formula.  See geoboard area problem 1
c. by adding smaller shapes.  See geoboard area problem 2
d. by subtracting from a larger shape.  See geoboard area problem 3

2. Comparing parallelograms and rectangles (if a rectangle and a parallelogram have the same side lengths (which is different from base and height), do they have the same area?--no--explain why).  (computer area problem 1 should be helpful for this)
3. Given a parallelogram, show how to get a rectangle or another parallelogram with the same area.  See computer area problems 1 and 2
4. Given a triangle, show how to get another triangle with the same area that shares a base side.  See computer area problems 3 and 4

5. Explain how to get the area of a parallelogram from the area of a rectangle.  See formulas problem 1
6. Explain how to get the area of a triangle from the area of a parallelogram. See formulas problem 5

7. Given a parallelogram or triangle, and a labelled base, draw the corresponding height. See formulas problem 4 and  geoboard area problem 1
8. Given a triangle and a labelled base, draw a parallelogram with the same base that is comprised of two copies of that triangle. see  formulas problem 5