Math 411: Geometry 

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Euclid's Elements

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Sept 7:  Introduction to Math 411
Assignment: Euclid's construction propositions (due Friday)
Read by Monday: section 2.2 (pgs 34-45)

Assignment: Euclid's property statements (do through Prop 16 for Monday)

Sept 12 Assignment: Euclid's property statements (finish and turn in Weds)
Read sections 1.1 and 1.2

Axiomatic systems and other geometries
Handouts: Axioms for Euclidean Geometry
What properties are true in different geometries
What axioms are true in different geometries
(Turn in Friday?)

Isometric transformations: moving from one place to another using translations, rotations and reflections

Sept. 19 Review and spherical geometry: what is a spherical line? Think about: can you have a translation on a sphere? A rotation? A reflection?
Optional videos: prop 6, prop 10, prop 16, prop 27

Some more notes on propositions (5, 15 and 27) and a video of postulate 5
The worksheet we're figuring out this week
Quiz 1 (interpreting geometric statements)
More with spheres
Sept 26 Spheres and the hyperbolic plane and curvature
Assignment: Figure out to how use rotations to move one triangle in the plane onto another congruent triangle.

Notes on the hyperbolic plane.

More hyperbolic plane stuff
Hints: a video illustrating what happens in Hyperbolic vs Euclidean geometry
Hints on the assignment
Oct 3: Look at axioms
Assignment: be more specific with triangle rotations

In class work
Quiz 2 (Spherical and hyperbolic geometry)

Oct 10: Theorems page (2) Prove theorem 3 for Wednesday
Prove Theorem 4 for Friday

Quiz 3--prove a theorem: will be either theorem 1 or theorem 2
Homework: write proofs of theorems 6, 7, 8. If you need a hint, here is a start for theorem 6, and the proofs I used for 1-1 and onto in discrete math

Oct 17:  Write up (finish writing up) the proof  of the theorem that says that a composition of two isometries is an isometry.  If you weren't in class, talk to someone who was.  If you were in class, help someone who wasn't,

Oct 24: Lemmas for SAS
Finish lemmas for SAS
New copy of theorems: write in Givens and Thens.
Homework practice
Videos for homework: reflections and rotations; composition1, composition and special points, congruence, fixed points; prob 5 part 1, part 2

SAS and lemmas for ASA
Video for Lemma 17.

Oct 31: ASA and duplicating segments
Handout: new and improved theorems!
For Wednesday:
Watch how to prove Lemma 18 with the alternate version of Lemma 17, and compare it to the proof we did in class.
Write up a proof of Theorems 19 and 20. Hints for 20 are here.

Videos for

Quiz 4: Theorems and lemmas 6-17.
Nov 7:  

Nov. 14

Quiz 5
Nov. 21: Thm 31 worksheet Happy  Thanksgiving
Nov 28.

Thm 33 video
Thm 38 video

Thm 34 videos:
Part 1: a, b, c,
Part 2
Part 3

Nov. 5: Vid thm 40
Vid thm 41
Vid thm 42

Quiz on thm 32 or 35.

Quiz 6
Dec 12:


Final Exam: