Math 247: Math for Elementary Education II

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Jan 26 Syllabus/Grading Info
Representations of fractions and adding fractions
Homework 1

More with addition and equivalent fractions
Homework: Show 2/3 + 4/5 with pictures, numbers and words.

Fractions and mixed numbers from unit fractions.
Optional readings

Comparing fractions without common denominators.
Use one of these virtual manipulatives: version 1, version 2 to do this assignment
Feb 2 More with adding and subtracting fractions Multiplying fractions
HW: 1. Draw and explain 7/5 with a) a number line and b) a rectangle.
2. a) Explain what multiplication of fractions means. Apply it to b) 1/2 x 2/3 (write and/or draw pictures to show what it means)

Multiplying fractions

Multiplying and mixed numbers (the only assignment is #5 on Friday's assignment)
Feb 9 Word problems for addition, subtraction and multiplication.
  Quiz 1


Feb 16   Fraction division homework Some info about division

Feb 23 Homework
Prepare for the test

  Test 1  
Mar 2 First decimals assignment. Second decimals assn Third decimals assn  
Mar 9 Fourth decimals assn
First percent assn
Percent problems we are working through in class
Longer percent assignment. (complete over spring break. Here are video instructions)
Mar 16 Spring Break Week  
Mar 23   Ratio assignment in class Ratio Assn.homework.
Review and learn more about percents. Start by watching the explanations here.
Mar 30 More ratio HW
Dec and Pct review probs

Review solutions
Ratios and rates problems (due Monday)

Quiz: Dec and pct  
Apr 6 Parallelograms and triangles. Homework Circles and composed areas Homework Pythagorean theorem and perimeter
In class work
Apr 13 Geoboard and grid area and perimeters homework Identifying prisms and pyramids homework Volume of prisms and pyramids and changing height to slant height. Homework

Choose and do one of the review problem sets to turn in for 10 points (homework due Mon). All review for the test (including answers) are here.

Apr 20 Surface area in class worksheet. Homework Similar triangles and review. Homework: finish this worksheet Test Weekend online work: similar figures and areas
Apr 27

Probability tree and area diagrams Homework
Redo assn on nets and surface area for anyone who wishes to improve their score

More probability. Do #2 and 3 as homework Weekend online work: graphing data. Print out the worksheet if you weren't in class
May 4 Box plots and scatter plots. Homework

Review of data and graphings
Review of complements

Probability review
Volume, surface area and scale factor review
Earlier stuff review

These solutions probably have some errors. If you find one please email me (2 pts EC for the first one to catch an error!)
Data review solutions
Probability review solutions
Volume etc solutions
Earlier stuff review solutions

Final exam is Tuesday May 12 7:45-9:45 am