Math 247: Math for Elementary Education II (1 pm session)

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Schedule: Unless otherwise noted, you do not need to bring your texbook to class unless you have a question on a homework problem assigned from the textbook.

Mon Tues Weds Fri
Jan 27 NH 16
Introductions and fraction representations
Fraction representations
Unit fractions
Homework: Read pages 1-3 of the lecture notes and bring questions to class

DL 101
Comparing fractions using unit fraction ideas
Virtual manipulative tool

NH 16
Equivalent fractions

NH 16
More with equivalent fractions and comparing fractions
Homework assn (due Mon)

Feb 3 NH 16
Simplifying fractions

DL 101
Web sites for today:
Illuminations Equiv Fraction
NLVM Equiv Fraction
NLVM Common Denominator
NLVM Frac Bars
Discussion questions

NH 16

NH 16
Discussion of HW1

Feb 10 NH 16

DL 101
NLVM Multiplication applet
My multiplication applet
Read parts and wholes
Try some word problems
NH 16 NH 16
Week 3 homework (due Monday)
Class notes so far (up to pg 16)
Feb 17 Measurement division and fractions
NLVM mixed numbers
Geogebra mixed numbers

Test 1 review sheet
HW 3 notes and feedback
Review sheet partial solutions

If you missed todays lesson, please do the Online lesson and assignment. The assignment is to take and turn in the notes for the numbered questions in the lesson. (do before Wednesday)
Feb 24 Exam 1    

Mar 3 Measurement division with two numberlines example 1; example 2
Partition division with two number lines or a bar diagram example 1 (proper frac); example 2 (mixed num)
Homework (due Wednesday) do partition problems 6-8 and measurement problems 4-6.
Answers to measurement problems 1-3 are here.

Area model of multiplication. Download this

Scaling model of multiplication. download this.


Some exam 1 answers

Homework: do problem 3
Examples for homework

Mar 10 In class: start solving these word problems.
Study for the quiz. Solve the rest of the word problems and check your answers with these solutions.
Then figure out whether each problem is multiplication or division (and what the number equation is) and check your answers here.
  2 more quiz practice problems
And the answers


Mar 17 Spring Break Week
Mar 24 Area: rectangles and equality by subdividing
About area (I am adding information to this page--keep coming back here for more area examples)

parallelograms and triangles
Files to download:
Parallelograms by cutting
Parallellograms by slicing
Parallelograms by subtracting
Triangle pairs
Triangles by slicing
Assignment (due Friday)

Circles and composed area
Assignment (due next Monday)
Examples: h, i, j
Pythagorean theorem and more lengths
In class assignment

Mar 31 Lengths and perimeter on a geoboard

Ratios and similar triangles
Scaling example
In class work (not collected)

Homework (due Monday) No on-campus class. Instead please do this.
Apr 7 Prisms and Pyramids

A triangular prism net

A pentagonal pyramid net

prisms and pyramids surface area

prisms and pyramids: volume
Youtube vid

Apr 14 Similar 3D shapes
Topics to practice for test
similarity and volume

lines and planes

Measurement exam
Apr 21 Ratios
In class notes
Handout (do last page as HW due Weds)
more ratios
Problem solving with changing ratios
Record your answers on this sheet
Describing ratios.

Assignments: Ratio practice
Percents intro

Apr 28 Percents: Videos to watch (Follow the video links in the middle of the page)

numerical and categorical data
Category vid
Measurement vid

Before Friday, please review averages: mean, median, and quartiles
Practice averages on these problems
More percent practice problems and solutions

Averages and spread assignment


May 5 Probability: tree diagrams and sequential events.

Tree and area diagrams
Assignment (due Friday)
Input H/T Data
Input 2 dice data
Input 1 die data

Some topics to study review
Final exam is Mon May 12 at 1:00-3:00