Math 247: Math for Elementary Education II

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Jan 25 Fractions.  
Rational numbers project
Homework: Read this lesson and do the Student pages A-D. At the bottom of page D write a short reflection on what makes these problems important/useful.

More comparing fractions:
Understand repeated unit fractions
Get examples from Satisfraction and use repeated unit fractions to explain how to compare fractions for Equal Numerator, Equal Denominator, Unambiguous and Missing piece problems.

Fractions and the size of the whole. Homework

Equivalent fractions part 1: physical models.

Feb 1 Review of 3rd grade fraction strategies. Homework: For each of the strategies: same denominator, same numerator, transitive and residual, write a compare problem, and explain how to solve it. (due Weds)

Fraction circles with geogebra

Fraction equivalence and the multiplication rule Homework

Fraction addition estimation Homework

Feb 8 Review 3rd grade fraction comparison; Homework do student page A of this lesson

Fraction addition with squares

Explaining fraction equivalence and sums. Homework

Adding on a number line game and diagrams. Resources.
Test review Edit!: 2d should be 12/14 vs 13/15

Feb 15 Writing word problems. The assignment. Web sites to use: video, text.

Multiplying fractions by whole numbers. Smart Notebook file.

Test: 3rd grade fraction concepts

Fraction x whole numbers. Read lesson 19 and lesson 20. do student pages A, B from lesson 20

Feb 22 Multiplying fractions using squares. Read lesson 21; Homework is student page B in lesson 21

Multiplying fractions using the Conceptua math tool. Solve these problems.

More fraction multiplication
Read the Teacher notes in these lessons: Lesson 22 (pg 6), Lesson 24 (pg 5). Homework assignment is Lesson 24 student pages A-D (pgs 8-11)

Finish the lesson 24 assignment--using number lines to estimate and check each multiplication answer for reasonable-ness.

Feb 29 No homework. If you missed class, work through RNP2 lesson 25, paying particular attention to the student solutions in the teacher notes.

My favorite web site for this:
NLVM fractions
Some problems to do

Lesson 26, student pages A and B (A done in class, B turned in to be graded)

Lesson 28, student page C

March 7 Final multiplication assignment

Division practice

A few more review problems

Answer to the multiplication explanation
Answer to the division explanation

March 14




March 21 Ratios: describing ratios in English
Video to watch.
Practice problems.

Ratio problems
Smart Notebook
Recording sheet

More ratio problems
Optional Video part 1, part 2
Examples and HW

M&M data
Optional ratio language assignment (replaces quizlet score)

March 28 Please help us get some data to graph this week by filling out this questionaire

Fathom, M&Ms and how statistics works

Graphing data (carefully)
3rd grade graphs (read)

Number data: middle school content. Do #1 a, c, d before class Monday.

April  4 More number data

Still more number data, and equations of lines. Finish #1 and do #2. Powerpoint slides

End of graphing. Notes and assignment. Data.

No class

April 11 Area
Homework: areas on a grid.
Practice for the test:
Ratio practice, solutions
Graphs practice, solutions

Discuss these geogebra files (from a compilation on area info 2014)

Mostly review discussion


April 18 More about area:
Practice in class
Other area resources

Assignment on areas by adding and subtracting
Assignment on the Pythagorean Theorem (do 1 and 2 only)

Prisms and pyramids assignment

Nets and Lengths
perimeter assignment
Surface area assignment

April 25 Surface area help session

2D slices of 3D shapes video, another videoShodor explore
Volume of  pyramid video
Note sheet (do and turn in)

Hint #7

similarity. Assn 1

May 2

Files to use in class:
Scale fish
Scale flower
Handout to do in class
Assn 2

Geometry practice problems.
Other review resources
Geometry practice solutions


May 9

Final Exam, Tuesday May 10, 7:45-9:45 am