Math 246: Math for Elementary Education I 

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Schedule: Unless otherwise noted, you do not need to bring your texbook to class unless you have a question on a homework problem assigned from the textbook.

Mon Wed Thurs Fri

Sept 2 NH 16
Topic: Introduction to and intersections of sets (sets, subsets, intersection, disjoint)
Homework assigned: Sets HW 1 (due Friday)
Read about: Basics of set names and intersections
and describing parts of sets

In class topic: Describing parts of 2-set Venn diagrams
In class worksheet *** Completed version for your notes
Assignment: set notation, set representations
(due next Weds)

Links for in-class computer work:
Shodor Shape Sorter
Shodor Venn Diagrams
NLVM Venn Diagrams

Sept 7 NH 16: Labor day

Assignments: Yekktis and sets (started in class)
More Set Examples
(due Friday)

Problem solving with Venn diagrams

More problem solving with Venn diagrams (no new assignment)

Sept. 14 More Venn diagrams
Practice problems (optional)
Matching sets and sentences; solutions.
More study resources (from last year)
More practice with problem solving with Venn diagrams and solutions

Explaining patterns and functions: perimeter patterns

More patterns and functions
Quiz 1: Sets and Venn diagrams.

More about finding patterns
Wisweb applets
Spotting numbers problems
Sept 21 Working backwards with patterns and functions
Do 6-10 on this assignment (1-5 done in class)
More working backwards with patterns and functions 
Do 3 and 4 as homework
Equals signs and equations
Notes and problems
What to read if you weren't in class.
Websites we'll be using:
Pan balance 1
Maths is fun
Math Playground
Sept 28 order of operations
Practice for test
Practice answers
4 more practice problems
Exam 1 (Meet in NH 205)
Oct 5: Cognitively Guided Instruction and addition and subtraction. Video, example sheet
Assignment: write a word problem for each type.
Relative difficulty of CGI types
NEW Resources

Direct modeling, counting and derived facts (join all and join to)
NEW Count on; count on to; add up; add up to; direct modeling

CGI problem types
Take the retakeable quiz
How to study for retakes
Take the D2L Vocab quiz.
What to read for the Vocab quiz

Oct 12: Part-whole bar diagrams
Invented strategies
Watch the Bean Sprouts lesson (#15), and take notes using this sheet on student strategies.
More invented strategies End invented algorithms.
Start place value base 5
Smart Notebook for base 5
Oct 19: Adding with base 10 blocks
Review for the quiz .
Solutions to some problems on the quiz review
Making the connection between adding and subtracting with base 10 blocks and the standard written algorithm.


Multiplication and division
Take the D2L Multiplication and division quiz (open book)
Note taking assn
Web links

Oct 26: arrays and the commutative law of multiplication
Distributive law and multiplication facts
Resources for Oct 26 and 28 with a link to the assignment
Expanded algorithms. Resources for Expanded Addition and Subtraction are here, and resources for expanded and array multiplication are here More expanded algorithms and visual factors of numbers.
Assignment part 1
Links for class:
Blog entry 1
Blog entry 2
Nov 2: division with remainders
Intro vid 1
Intro vid 2
Lattice multiplication and more arrays.
Lattice video
scaffolding division. Video. Do by scaffolding:
48579÷8 (do not use 8×6, 8×7, 8×8, 8×9) (due Mon)
Multiplication and division Errors and algorithms

Nov. 9 Addition and subtraction errors and algorithms.

Multiplication and division bar diagrams
Solutions to a-l (scroll down to #10)
More bar diagrams info
Some notes from class

Practice for the test
Practice solutions
(Class today is optional)

Test in NH 205
Nov. 16: Triangles. Student misconceptions of triangles, 7 triangle table, Geoboard triangles (which of the 7 types can you make on a geoboard?). HW: read article in D2L content readings and fill out readings assignment  Special Quadrilaterals 

Polygon properties

More with special quadrilaterals.
Nov 23. Sorting Shapes
Geometry vocabulary sheet
Happy Thanksgiving


Nov. 30: Symmetry: Did in class; Answers to in class; Assigned for HW



More transformations
Dec 7:More transformations and tessellations


Geoboard shapes and angles
Geogebra right angles
Parallels and reflections

Review problems
Review solutions
Review list from previous units

Final exam: Thursday, Dec. 17 @ 7:45-9:45 am