Math for Elementary Education for Graduate Students

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I will be creating new content on MWF, and I will be grading homework you have turned in on TRSat.

Course content

Unit 1: Early Number and Operations Concepts

Section 1: Standards and early number concepts July 13-14

Section 2 : CGI: ways to understand the four basic operations and how children learn them. July 14-17

Section 3: Strategies for computing basic facts and mental math, and teaching strategies for basic facts. July 20-21

Unit 1 topics to review; and an outline of what will be on the test. when you have reviewed, and are ready to take the exam, e-mail me and I will send you the exam.  The exam should be treated as a closed book exam, with a 90 minute time limit (I am writing a 50 minute exam, but you may take up to 90 minutes). July 22

Unit 2: Base ten numbers, and algorithms for the basic operations for multi-digit numbers

Section 4: Base 10 basics, and other base numbers  July 23-24(a bit short)
Section 5: Addition and subtraction algorithms (a bit long) July 27-28
Section 6: Multiplication and division algorithms (also a bit long) July 29-30
Exam: Review sheet; Some solutions for the review sheet;  Instructions for taking exams July 31

Unit 3: Fractions

Section 7: Fraction basics, equivalence and prime factorization Aug 3-4
Section 8: Adding and subtracting fractions (I would like to think this is a short section.  That may be an illusion) Aug 5-6
Section 9: Multiplying and dividing fractions (easily the longest section in the course) Aug 7,10-11
Exam: Review topicsInstructions for taking exams. Aug 12

Unit 4: Decimals, percents, integers, ratios and a little bit of algebra.(this one consists of more sections, but the sections are shorter than most of the preceding sections) 

Section 10: Decimals  Aug 13 (short)
Section 11: Percents Aug 14 (short)
Section 12: Ratios and ratio problems Aug 17-18
Section 13: Patterns and functions in algebra  Aug 17-18
Section 14: Equality and equations in algebra  In a fit of sanity I have decided that really we can stop before we all collapse.  If you don't feel like collapsing, and you feel sad about missing out, you can see what I would have assigned here
Exam: Review topicsInstructions for taking exams.Aug 21 

After you have finished the work for the course, please fill out the end of course survey D2L->Surveys (to the left of Logout)-> End of course survey.  If everyone who completes the course fills out the survey, I'll give everyone an bonus points!