Information on taking exams

When you have studied the problems and topics on the review sheet, and are ready to take the exam, you should e-mail me, and I will e-mail you the exam.  You will need to complete and submit the exam within 2 days of the time when you received it.


On the exam, some of the questions can be easily answered by typing answers into the test document document.  Other questions will be easier to answer if you print them out, and hand-write the answers.  For problems whose answers you hand-write, you will need to scan those answers, and then insert the scanned files into a Word document (please look at your scanned version to make sure I can read what you have written--the default settings are usually fine, but if you have small handwriting you may need to increase the scan resolution).  For the questions that call for you to explain how to do a process, you may find it easier to make a video clip (though a good written/illustrated answer is fine too).  All of these options (and any combination of them) are acceptable.  Your completed work will need to be submitted to the appropriate D2L dropbox within 2 days after receiving this test file.

You should not need much more than an hour to work all of these problems, and you should try to complete everything in a single sitting, taking no longer than 2 hours.  This is a closed book exam, you should not be using your book/notes/my lectures on the internet while taking the exam.

You may be as reasonable to yourself as I would be to you: