Unit 4: Decimals, Percents and algebraic reasoning.

Section 10: Algebraic reasoning: Equals signs and solving equations

Introduction video

Balance model for equations:
D2L->Content->Algebraic Problem Solving in the Primary Grades.
Showing and solving whole numbers problems with a pan balance.
Showing and solving problems with weights on a scale.
Writing missing number and card problems.
Do the Balancing Act student activity sheet, which can be downloaded from the Illuminations site, and is also in D2L->Assignments-> Balancing Act
Do the Block Pounds activity sheet, which can be downloaded from the Illuminations site, and is also in D2L->Assignments->Block Pounds
Do the rest of the assignment.
The Pan Balance-Shapes applet.
The Balancing Act lesson.m
The Block Pounds lesson.
The SMART Notebook file with pan balance stuff in it.
The SMART Gallery file with the pan balance stuff in it.
The video explaining what is in the SMART Notebook file and the SMART Gallery file and how to use them

Modeling with integer chips and addition.
Subtraction with integer chips
Show addition and subtraction with integer chips.
Integer chip addition applet.
Integer chip subtraction applet.
mathisfun.com explanation of subtracting a negative.
Bassarear section 5.1
 Computing with Integers

solving equations with algebra tiles and pan balances:
Solving an equation with algebra tiles; another example.
Solving pan balance problems with negative numbers.
D2L->Content->Readings->Using Homemade Algebra Tiles to Develop Algebra and PreAlgebra Concepts
This assignment would have been to do a couple of problems with both applets, record what you did, and then tell which one you liked best and why....
Algebra Tiles applet.
Pan Balance with Negative Numbers applet.
The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.