Unit 4: Decimals, Percents and algebraic reasoning.

Section 10: Decimals


Decimal grids in SMART Notebook
Decimal grids in Microsoft Word
Bassarear discusses Decimals in section 5.4

Representing and comparing of decimals
In D2L->Content->Readings->Representing Decimals, read the article "Investigating Students' Conceptual Understanding of Decimal Fractions Using Multiple Representations"
Decimals and place value.
Misconceptions and representations part 1; part 2.
Decimals in metric measurements.
Decimals on number lines.
Draw or otherwise produce diagrams showing each of these decimals
a. in a grid
b. with base 10 blocks
c. on a number line. 
d. tell what length in centimeters or millimeters each represents if 1 means 1 m.
(For example, in #1d, you should do: 0.68m=?cm  or 0.68m=?mm--choose which ever of cm or mm makes the most sense to use for the given amount)
1. 0.68
2. 0.4
3. 0.005

Fractions and decimals
D2L->Content->Readings->Relating Fractions and Decimals
More misconceptions
Using division to convert fractions to decimals
Converting fractions and decimals.

Operations on decimals:
D2L->Content->Readings->The Finger and the Moon
Reference on significant digits
Explaining addition (and an extra example--very optional)
The difficulties of multiplication
An invented algorithm part 1, part 2.
Decimal multiplication with arrays part 1, part 2.
Things to know before you start dividing decimals: ways to handle remainders; significant digits.
Dividing decimals part 1, part 2;
And an optional ramble on remainders and dividing decimals.

Decimal operations.