Math 248: Middle school math from an advanced perspective

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Jan 27 Syllabus/Grading Info
Homework: Read chapter 1 and take notes on
-What is constructivism
-What is relational understanding
-What is the zone of proximal development
-How are instrumental and relational understanding related?
To turn in: Amy walked 2 2/5 miles in 3/4 of an hour.  How fast is she walking in miles per hour? (Draw and explain to answer).

Homework: read P. 105-113 and answer questions
Feb 3 Homework: read foundations for fraction operations and answer questions. Homework: read about addition and subtraction
Feb 10 Read about multiplication of fractions read about division of fractions
Feb 17 Practice figuring out what word problems are multiplication and what are division. Here are some examples and an assignment.
Here are two more practice problems assigned, along with some specific instructions.
Homework is fraction practice part 2
Resources: an addition example
Mixed number subtraction example
Fraction division example
Equivalent fractions example
Multiplying fractions examples
Feb 24 test
Mar 3 Hot-cold cube soup video
Second integer work homework.
Mar 10 option to make up problems 1 and 3 from the test.
Watch these examples of showing why we invert and multiply to divide. Ex1, Ex2, Ex3
option to make up problems 2 and 4 from the test.
Mar 16 Spring Break
Mar 24

Algebra tiles. Resources: Mathbits, , Applet 1 (MIVU) , Applet 2 (Math Playground), Applet 3 (NLVM)
Homework assignment

Mar 31 More algebra tiles. Homework
Resources: Mathbits, , Applet 1 (MIVU)

Optional practice problems
turn in draft mini lesson plan.
Apr 7 Patterns and functions homework test--integer chips and algebra tiles.
Read about ratios
Apr 14 Read more about ratios; homework with proportional and non-proportional problems No new homework today (finish anything you haven't turned in yet). Go read about 6th graders solving pattern problems, read about what the algebra 1 students (grade 7) do on their first day, and check out how Fawn Nguyen organizes her math talks (including pattern talks) on the math talk site. You should also check out anything else you see on Fawn's blog--amazing middle school math in action!
Apr 21  
Apr 28 More with proportional and non proportional (find the equation using D=RT (using the WOM strategy when necessary), and if possible show how to find the equation a simpler way) More with explicit equations for patterns. Homework

May 5 Today's class notes
Last assignment (due online by Monday): reflection

Final exam is Thursday, May 14, 7:45-9:45 am