Math 411: Geometry 

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Tuesday Thursday
Sept 7:
Exploration assn, due Tuesday Sept 12
HS review assn. due Sept 21 (do marked problems)
Check out this spherical circle
Sept 12 Properties of spheres
More sphere problems and properties (especially measurment properties) of transformations. Assignment
Discussion of transformations and of the proof on assignment 2. New topic: function properties and functions on the plane (and similar geometric objects)
Assignment: Do FT2, FT4 and FT5 from the function properties sheet.  Here is a version of FT4 and FT5 that I wrote up for a discrete math course a while back.
Sept 19 Solve FT6, with this revised version of the definitions. In /class notes
Work on these questions about rotations
Do some more rotations and reflections
Sept 26 Study for quiz. Make sure you understand the answers to this worksheet.  Here's some ways of proving the spherical triangle theorem from the homework (study that too) Quiz Homework:
Read pgs 34-45.
Do problems 2 and 3 on page 45.
Do  problems 2, 3, 4, 6 in 3.1 and problems 2, 3 on 3.2 from this sheet
Oct 3 Bring textbook and laptop to class
A link:
Finish 3.1 and 3.2 sheet with the addition of 3.2 # 8
check out these axioms and theorems and do these proofs
Oct 10 New and improved axioms and theorems. Notes on the proof of  theorem 9.
Do first page of these HS problems (Ch 2)
For the quiz Thursday: study how to show a rotation and reflection (compass, straight edge, etc), and the proofs we did from the function page (now theorems 6-8)
Continue working on the HS Ch 2 problems--do through 2.3 for Tuesday.
Class notes for SAS--finish the proof.
Oct 17 Prove ASA (theorem 11) and do the HS Ch 2.4 problems. Here is a video outlining the proof of ASA
Oct 24 Quiz
Oct 31
Nov 7
Nov 14
Nov 21 Happy Thanksgiving
Nov 28
Dec 5
Dec 12
Final Exam Thursday Dec 21 10:15-12:15