Math 246: Math for Elementary Education I 

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Schedule: Unless otherwise noted, you do not need to bring your texbook to class unless you have a question on a homework problem assigned from the textbook.

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Sept 7:  Syllabus
Exploring structure, patterns and properties with Yekttis
Assignment: Pre Assessment 
(due Friday)

Links for in-class computer work:
Shodor Shape Sorter
Shodor Venn Diagrams
Assignment (due Friday)

More with sets and Yekktis
Better Pic for assignment
Assignment (due Monday)
Read about Sets and Venn Diagrams

Sept 12 Understanding sets: definitions, disjoint sets, subsets
Watch the video about naming sets
(Homework due Wednesday)   

Set notation and sentence descriptions
Practice problems with solutions
(assignment due Friday)
Helpful (I hope) readings

 In class computer work:
NLVM Venn Diagrams

Venn diagram problems
Solution to the last problem we were working on in class

Sept. 19 More Venn diagram problems.
Assignment (You should be able to do 3 and 4. Be prepared to discuss #1 on Wednesday)

Perimeter patterns

Spotting numbers problems
Wisweb applets
Spotting numbers problems (use Explorer)

Quiz 1 (Sets and Venn diagrams)
Sept 26 Equals signs and equations
Notes and problems
What to read if you weren't in class.
Discussion and more on explaining patterns
Explaining patterns discussion and assignment.
Solving pattern problems by working backwards
Assignment (do #3 and 4 for Monday)
Oct 3:  Four 4's and order of operations. Practice sheet
 Some review
Review sheet
Review solutions
More review
Exam 1
Oct 10: CGI Problem types (addition and subtraction word problems). Example handout
More of same. Blank grid to write problems in (due Friday)

Retakeable quiz
What to study to improve your score

Relative difficulty of different problem types and Direct modeling to solve problems.

Oct 17:  Part-whole bar diagrams

Check out these web sites:
Bug Shoes: Subitizing
coin trading
How many under the shell
Ten Frames
Make 10

Resources for Thursday and Friday's assignments.
Oct 24: 
Adding base 5 and the standard addition algorithm base 10.
Show how to add
Visual numbers: Factors and products
Homework due Monday
Addition algorithms
Oct 31: Addition algorithms
Topics to study for Friday's quiz
Homework resources
Subtraction algorithms   Quiz 2
This weekend watch a video about base 5 subtraction
and a video about explaining the standard subtraction algorithm with manipulatives (this second one is a flash video, so you'll need a computer or browser that supports flash)

Nov 7: Subtraction algorithms assignment
Scripts for explaining addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division problem types Some resources
Take D2L quiz (open notes) on multiplication and division problem types. Assignment on direct modeling and commutative law.

Nov. 14 Multiplication with arrays: show (on grid paper) a colored proportional array for 32 x 17, side by side with the expanded algorithms (color coded)

More multiplication:
Seeing arrays web tool
A multiplication lesson with arrays
Resources for multiplication facts and more.
Resources about the standard algorithm and others
Homework for multiplication facts
Homework for multiplication algorithms

Multi-digit division
Do each of these problems both by the standard long division algorithm and by scaffolding division. Your scaffolding division answers should avoid the more difficult products (x7, x8 etc) in favor of easier products (x2, x5 etc)
1716 ÷ 6
28625 ÷ 7
A video on scaffolding division
Nov. 21: Bar diagrams for multiplication and division
Resources and Practice (do the practice problems and check your answers, esp. #10)


Nov 28. Review topics for the test
Practice problems for the test
Solutions to the practice problems
Test 2  Computer task:
This handout
This website
or this file

Do for Monday
Vocab Sheet
Do for Wednesday (read the article on D2L)
Optional readings on student misconceptions

Nov. 5: Handout for sorting shapes (due Thursday)

In class Symmetry work and Symmetry assignment (due Friday)

 Start with this symmetry activity.
Then check out rotation angles on the first two pages here.
Fill out this handout with your best predictions, and then check the rotations here

In class: transformations
Dec 12: Homework: 2-step transformations
Practice for Final
Learn about angles

Shape sort file

Solutions to the geometry practice problems
More info on stuff from previous tests


Final Exam: Weds Dec 21 10:15-12:15