Math Games

Some of my favorite games:

The game The math
Race to 100 Coin values, place value, number sense
Four in a row Multiplication, factors, strategy
Winning touch Multiplication, factors
Tens Go-Fish Decompositions of 10
The Elevator Game Addition and subtraction within 18
Fraction Boats Hands on fractions (equivalent fractions and addition of fractions are hidden in the game--but you don't need to know anything about fractions to play the game)
Games that are really about probability Addition, and good intuition building for probability
Yard Sale Money, addition, subtraction
Shut the Box Decomposing numbers to 12
Close to 20 Addition and subtraction
War Lots of versions--addition, subtraction, multiplication, comparing fractions...
Memory Addition
Snap Addition
Bingo Lots of versions--addition, subtraction, multiplication
The Product Game Multiplication and (to a lesser extent) factoring
Bump Multiplication with a single multiplicand
Fraction Race Equivalent fractions and adding fractions (very hands on, but fraction knowledge is helpful)
Pizza Delivery Reading and understanding the comparitive language of word problems: ___ more than, ___ less than, ___ times as many as (both whole number and fraction versions). Can be played with only the additive and subtractive comparisons.