Math 246: Mathematics for Elementary Education I

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Projected schedule (and announcements)

Week of Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday

Start unit on sets, patterns and functions. Set intersections, etc.
Read the notes on this page, and do this worksheet (due Weds)

Sets and language:
Read and do the practice problems, then do this worksheet to turn in on Friday
Set notation
Read notes
Worksheet for Monday
Problem solving with set notation. Solve problems on the Venn Diagrams page at NLVM (record your answers on this sheet--due Monday).
Extra set practice problems (optional)

Functions, tables and graphs
Read this
Assignment: Fill in the answer sheet for the L-pattern and a pattern you make up. Your made up pattern must be ready tomorrow. Turn in the complete assn on Wednesday.

Models for addition, subtraction and multiplication. Deductive and inductive explainations for function rules
Read the notes part 1, part 2
Do the homework

Function rules
Go to the applets page on Wisweb.  Scroll down and open up Spotting Numbers Problems.

2/6 Growing patterns in grades 2-4. Handout. Assignment: make a sequence puzzle like the one at the bottom of the page and bring it to class on Wednesday Pattern block sequences grades 2-4.  Handout. Assignment: make up your own pattern block  problem sequence with questions like those in #1-5. Due Friday. What does an equals sign mean?

Study by practicing with these "=" sign questionsReview Venn diagrams by looking at your past assignments while watching these videos
Then do some more practice problems (optional)

2/13 Problem solving with Venn diagrams. Venn diagrams problems Practice and review Exam 1 CGI: problem types and problem solving strategies.
Resources: a lesson on Join and PPW problems, and a lesson on Join and Separate problems
2/20 Resources for today: Start unknown, change unknown and result unknown problems.  Video review part 1: join; part 2: separate. Homework: write one each of SRU, SCU and SSU word problems. PPW problems Bar diagrams Compare problems
2/27 Counting Strategies: Intro, more about Subtraction.
Assignment: Write a word problem for each of the 11 problem types: JRUm JCU, JSU, SRUm SCU, SSU, PPWWU, PWWPU, CDU, CQU, CRU. Due Weds
Derived facts strategies 2-digit addition and subtraction by mental math strategies
No class Friday
Internet assn: CGI problem types
Take this "quiz" where you identify addition and subtraction word problems by their problem types. Your score will be the highest your attempts,

Practice Bar Diagrams

More 2-digit addition and subtraction
Review Topics for Test
  Exam 2
3/12 Spring Break    
3/19 Positional number systems and base 5 More base 5 and adding More adding and subtracting
Assignment due Friday
Notes from this week

Files for today: (Being a good student);
Base 5; base 10
Homework for Monday
Homework for Tuesday


Another addition example
Intro to Multiplication (notes with 80% overlap to our class discussion)
Multiplication assn due Weds

  The distributive law and multiplication facts
(Distributive law vid 1, vid 2)
Assignment due Tuesday
4/2 Expanded multiplication, lattice multiplication and  standard multiplication

Multiplication assn due Friday
Explain subtraction due Monday

Division models and word problems.
Assignment and resources due Monday
Division with remainders and long division
Assignment and resources due Tuesday
4/9     review topics Exam 3
4/16 Geometry: Triangles, rectangles and squares. 
If you missed class you should...
Angles in polygons Symmetry

Geogebra (choose applet start)
Geogebra file

4/23 More properties of quadrilaterals Venn diagrams and shapes. Assignment (due Friday) Transformations worksheet Play TranStar
4/30 2-step transformations Shapes on a geoboard   Review of geometry probs
Venn diagram review
5/7   Final Exam 5/8 7:45 am