Math 246: Math for Elementary Education I 

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Schedule: Unless otherwise noted, you do not need to bring your texbook to class unless you have a question on a homework problem assigned from the textbook.

Mon Wed Thurs Fri

Sept 4 NH 16
Topic: Introduction to and intersections of sets (sets, subsets, intersection, disjoint)
Homework assigned: Sets HW 1 (due Friday)
Read about describing parts of sets

NH 16
In class topic: Describing parts of 2-set Venn diagrams
HW 2 (due Monday)

NH 320
Topic:Venn diagrams in words and symbols
NLVM symbols exercise
Describing sets explanation
HW 3 (due Monday)

Sept 9 NH 16
Topic: Venn diagram review, and begin problem solving with Venn diagrams
Assignment due Weds Sets HW 4

NH 16
More problem solving
Venn diagrams and problem solving HW (Sets HW 5)

NH 16
Four 4's problem and order of operations
NH 320
Equality and the equals sign

Sept. 16 NH 16
Topic: More problem solving

More pigs and chickens.
Quiz 1
 Spotting Numbers Problems
Sept 23 Mulitplication and explaining patterns.
Assignment (do #2 and 3)
More with pigs and chickens Working backwards with patterns. Patterns in the common core
Sept 30 Problem solving and review
A few review problems Exam 1 Geogebra
Oct 7: Read the article in D2L -> Content -> Student Misconceptions about Shape Quadrilaterals
Shapes and Venn diagrams
Shapes for Assn
Vocab sheet

Logo turtle shapes

Oct 14: Quadrilateral properties and protractors
Observe and measure properties in the examples for the listed quadrilaterals
Exterior angles Interior angles and Venn diagrams showing quadrilateral relationships. Finish this worksheet for tomorrow's class

Right angles on a geoboard

Oct 21: Symmetry
Transformations More transformations 2-step transformations
Transformation golf file (use with Sketchpad)
Oct 28: More with symmetry Still more symmetry Exam 2 CGI introduction
Resources and assignment
Nov 4: Write 4 word problems (CQU, more, CRU, more, CQU fewer, CQU fewer. Draw a bar graph diagram for each) CGI--Test yourself. How many of these can you identify correctly? Print your final sheet (score and right/wrong answers) and bring to class Friday. Will be redone for a grade some time in the future. Direct modeling and counting strategies
Derived facts strategies
Take the CGI types quiz a couple of times and try to get your best score
Difficulty levels assignment
Nov. 11 Bar diagrams
More strategies

2-digit strategies
Assignment (due Monday)
Some resources

base 10 materials and concepts
Class downstairs (NH 16)
Nov. 18: addition and subtraction with manipulatives and standard algorithm. Watch video for homework. Addition and subtraction standard algorithm

Addition and subtraction errors
Prepare for quiz 3
Addition Errors and Algorithms assignment
Subtraction Errors and Algorithms assignment

Finish addition and subtraction.
Nov 25. Quiz 3 Happy Thanksgiving


Dec 2: Repeated groups multiplication and division

Arrays, combinations, commutative and distributive laws
You may find it helpful to read the sections Arrays and The commutative and distributive properties here

Basic facts for multiplication and division
Multiplication facts vid 1
More multiplication and div facts info: scroll down the page to the multiplication section.

2- and 3-digit multiplication
Arrays, expanded and standard algorithm.
Lattice multiplication
Dec 9: Division with remainders
Scaffolding division

More division and review

Review for final exam
Final exam is Tuesday, Dec. 17 @ 7:45 - 9:45 am