Files from August 2017 meeting at Lloyd Barbee Montessori Elementary

Monday's Files:

Handouts from the fraction discussions: Fraction concepts and operations

SMART Board notes

Tuesday's files:

The web site with the good online clock face to use:

One of the files with recommendations for teaching addition and subtraction word problems--but just the basic starter set (if you tell me you're using it, I'll probably write you recommendations for where to go next!)

The sample word problems I handed out

Game boards for multiplication bump games

The word problems we wrote at the end of the session

Some third grade assessment word problems

Some fraction and ratio assessment word problems (grades 3-6)

Lots of resources for teaching the x2 math facts (I'll put up stuff for more multiplication facts as I get time)
x 2 facts resources in smaller files (for easier downloading)

Let me know if any of these don't look right when you open them.  Sometimes Word messes up pictures and positions and stuff. I can send a .pdf if things don't look right.