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Schedule: Unless otherwise noted, you do not need to bring your texbook to class unless you have a question on a homework problem assigned from the textbook.

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Sept 3 NH 16
Topic: Introduction to and intersections of sets (sets, subsets, intersection, disjoint)
Homework assigned: Sets HW 1 (due Friday)
Read about describing parts of sets

In class topic: Describing parts of 2-set Venn diagrams
Set Sentences (due Monday)

Set notation and Venn diagrams
Watch videos: vid1, vid2, vid3
Read about set notation
Do this assignment (due Monday)

Sept 8 NH 16
Venn diagrams, sentences and notation
In class: 2 set probs
HW: more 2 set probs (due Wednesday)

Using Venn diagrams to represent and solve problems with sets.
Practice solving with Venn diagrams

More Venn diagrams problem solving
HW: Finish Yekktis problems
Solve more Venn diagarm problems

Introduction to and instructions for finding patterns. due Monday
Watch this vid
Then go to the Spotting numbers problems applet on the Wisweb applets website.
Do the problems and record your answers as indicated on this worksheet.
Optional set practice problems

Sept. 15 Strategies for solving problems. HW: Textbook pgs 13-17 # 2, 3, 4, 8, 21, 25. Show how to solve 25 in two ways: both with a table and a diagram. Video Pigs and Chickens example(s)

Explaining patterns and functions
Examples (perimeter)
Examples (dot pattern)
Quiz 1: Sets, and problem solving
Optional set practice problems
More about explaining patterns and functions
Sept 22 More functions
Working backwards with patterns and functions Homework: do this, and work on problem 1 here Still more working backwards with patterns and functions homework Equals signs and equations
Sept 29 order of operations
Practice test
Solutions to practice test
  Exam 1 No online homework this weekend
Oct 6: Cognitively Guided Instruction and addition and subtraction.
An example sheet is in the content section of D2L (passed out in class)
HW: Write a word problem for each problem type
Relative difficulty of CGI types

Direct modeling and counting strategies. of JRU, SRU, CDU problems, and counting strategies. If you didn't make it to class, you can check out these resources: JRU, SRU, JCU (starts at 5:15), CDU

Take the retakeable online CGI quiz, and print out the page with your results.
Use the correcting your CGI errors guidelines and your results from the first quiz to study more, and then
Retake the retakeable online CGI quiz (your score will be the highest of your quiz scores).

Oct 13: Bar diagrams
Additional Resources
On-line class (we will not have in person class on Wednesday 10/15) Derived facts for addition and subtraction We watched #15 Bean Sprouts on this web site, and discussed 6 strategies children often invent or like (3 for addition and 3 for subtraction). Homework. Look at some more alternate algorithms for addition and subtraction (also helpful for doing Friday's homework)
Oct 20: Base 5 and thinking about learning about number.
Making the connection between adding and subtracting with base 10 blocks and the standard written algorithm.
Homework: figure out what each of these fictional students is doing when they add or subtract (due Monday)
Practice and study helps for the quiz.
Make a Screencast of yourself explaining the connection between the base 10 blocks and the written standard subtraction algorithm. For more details, follow the link.
Oct 27: multiplication and division HWK revisit multiplication and patterns HWK arrays and combinations HWK the distributive law and basic facts for multiplication
Nov 3: division with remainders 2 and 3 digit multiplication: arrays, standard algorithm and expanded algorithm. HWK (do just #1 tonight. Here's some online explanation: optional) 3-digit multiplication: multiplication and common errors HWK lattice multiplication and scaffolding division
Lattice Multiplication
Scaffolding division

Nov. 10 long division. Homework
review sheet

review/make up topics
Solutions to review 1-5

more review and practice
Solutions to all the review problems

More bar diagram practice
Multiplication strategies: the original resource. Another set of examples.
Pattern practice
Nov. 17: test Triangles. Student misconceptions of triangles, 7 triangle table, Geoboard triangles. HW: read article in D2L content readings and fill out readings assignment

Special quadrilaterals

More with special quadrilaterals.
Nov 24. Sorting shapes; Sorting shapes .pdf version Happy Thanksgiving


Nov. 27: Angle sums

Symmetry: Did in class; Answers to in class; Assigned for HW

Take home geometry quiz
Geometry vocabulary sheet
More shape sorting practice and examples

More with angles
Dec 8:  


Final exam is Wednesday, Dec. 17 @ 1:00-3:00 pm