Math 247: Math for Elementary Education II

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Jan 23 Fractions.  
Rational numbers project.
Reading handout
Homework (due Weds)

Comparing fractions (Computer lab)
Geogebra tool
Reading handout is page 4 of  this RNP lesson

Fraction strips and number lines, more with comparing fractions
Assignment (due Friday)
Helps for Same Denominator, Fraction Part Size, Same Numerator, Transitive, Residual


Finish Wednesday's assignment
Analyze the student errors on pages 5-6 of this RNP lesson. Bring notes to class Monday.

Jan 30 More comparisons
HW: Analyzing student work and explaining comparisons.

Part-whole practice 1

Equivalent fractions
Homework (due Monday)

 More Equivalent fractions: number line and chip model
Homework (due Wednesday)
Notes from class
Videos to watch:
Number Lines

Feb 6

 Some comparison practice questions

Fraction addition and subtraction
Do for Friday #1-11 on this handout.

Fraction addition with number lines. Do student pages B-H from this fraction lesson. (Due Monday)

Feb 13 Fraction quiz1

Warm up with this exercise about related fractions.  What does the lesson mean by "related"?
Try solving an addition and a subtraction problem using the online tools.  What are the online tools good at showing? what is unclear from the online tool?

In class worksheet.
A picture from the discussion.
No homework assigned


Feb 20 Investigate problems with changing wholes.

Showing fraction work with SMART Notebook. If you missed class you can still download the notebook (above) and turn it in to the D2L dropbox. You will have to use a campus computer that has SMART Notebook installed in order to open the file. Use Chrome to download the file.

Study materials for quiz 2

Homework due Monday start of class.  Write a word problem for:
1. 1/2 + 2/3
2. 2/3 - 1/2
3. 2/3 × 4/5
A video about writing word problems for fraction multiplication
Some notes

Feb 27 Fraction quiz 2
Study materials for quiz 2

 Homework (due Friday)

Some word problems to watch videos about (passed out Weds). The word problems. Video 1, Video 2.  Your goal is to figure out how to tell is a word problem is a multiplication or division problem.
The word problems we started drawing diagrams for in class.

March 6 

Use the Conceptua math tool for measurement (quotative) division to model these problems

Work on these division problems and these exam practice problems to be ready for tomorrow's discussion

Some solutions and notes for the exam practice.
Some notes from this week (starting with today's examples)

Fraction test

March 13




March 20 Ratios: Solve some problems (in class)

Work on more ratio problems, and make some models using stretchable algebra tiles (open with Explorer or Firefox)

Homework worksheets (due Friday)
WS1: Solving more problems
WS2: Writing ratios several ways
Notes (first problem of WS2)

Bar diagrams for solving ratios.

March 27 More discussion of ratios

Area: Web tool

Areas and Parallelograms

 Areas and triangles

April  3 



April 10 Area parallelograms and triangles. Worksheet

Composite area worksheet 


Ratio practice problems for test worksheet
Some answers to the worksheet
Triangle review

April 17 review, I guess. 
Here are some review resources for area

Area of similar shapes.
Download: scalefish, scaleflower

Test on ratios, area and perimeter

Similarity handouts:
Assn 1
Scaling and area

April 24 more with similarity (all due Weds)

 Some web pages with cool stuff about nets and surface area:
Nets of prisms and pyramids
A (somewhat flawed) quiz game
Surface areas of prisms and pyramids

Prisms and pyramids WS. (due Friday)
Nets and Surface area HW (due Monday)


May 1
Notes about graphs
Graphing Assn due Weds.

Files to download:
Data (Word)
Data (Excel)

Review problems for final
Review problems answers 


May 8 Final Exam, Monday May 8, 10:15 am - 12:15 pm
NH 205