Problem 1: At 1:00 there were twice as many dogs as cats in the waiting room at the vet’s office. 
At 1:15, Mrs Goodie and her two dogs come in, and Mr. Jones brings in his two cats. 
The vet who was going to see the cats is still at lunch, but in the next half hour the vet who is in is able to see all but 3 of the dogs. 
When those dogs leave, there are now 8 animal (all cats or dogs) in the clinic.
How many dogs were there at the beginning?

Problem 2: I have lots of trees in my yard, and when spring first comes, before I have a chance to plant, the ratio of number of trees to number of flowering plants in my garden is 1:1 (there are the same number of trees as number of flowers). 
Last year I planted 10 flowers in May, and another 14 in June. 
At that point, I ended up with four times as many flowers as trees, for a grand total of 40 plants (flowers and trees combined).
How many trees do I have?

Problem 3: There were half as many goldfish crackers as raisins in the snack box.
Sarah added 4 more goldfish and 4 more raisins.
Now there are 20 goldfish in the box.
How many raisins are in the box now?

Problem 4. Some dinosaurs were carnivores, and some were herbivores.
One fourth of the dinosaurs in the toy box in the morning were carnivores.
Kevin found 3 more T-rex dinosaurs (carnivores) under the bed and put them in the toy box.
Now half of the dinosaurs in the toy box are carnivores.
How many dinosaurs are in the toy box in all?

Problem 5: On Monday, Cindy made some bunnies and dinosaurs at the craft fair on Saturday. 
She made 1/4 as many bunnies as dinosaurs. 
On Wednesday, after those were finished, she decided that there weren’t enough items, so she made some more, so that by the end of the day Friday, whe had twice as many bunnies and dinosaurs as she had before. 
At the craft show she sold all but one of the bunnies, and she sold 3/4 of the dinosaurs, which left 9 items to take home.
How many dinosaurs did she make on Monday?

Problem 6. Dan and Carol held a joint graduation party.
heir guest list had 3/4 as many men as women (they included themselves on the list). 
Everyone said they would come except Mike and Susan (who had other parties they had committed to going to). 
When the day of the party arrived only 3/4 of the men, and 3/4 of the women on the original guest list were able to come (the flu was going around that week). 
All told, the party was a success, however, and the 21 people (including Dan and Carol) declared the size to be just perfect.
How many men were invited to the party?