Math 247: Math for Elementary Education II


Review stuff:
Final exam, Monday at 10:15 in the usual (downstairs) classroom.

Projected schedule
Jan 25:  Measurement
Assignment (due Weds)

Length and Perimeter
Read: Estimating Length: Differentiating Within a Unit (in D2L -> Content -> Readings)
Perimeter and Area
Do perimeter assn 1
Watch at least the first 5 minutes of video 6 (the Pythagorean Theorem) here.
Optional:  watch me solve it.
Make at least one more tilted square and find its area.
Pythagorean Theorem:
In class: vid 1
vid 2: water
In class WS
In class puzzle
HW: Write up a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem, and
Take my survey
Feb1: Perimeter: second perimeter worksheet. Area
More area: First area assignment
Circles, area and perimeter
Area animation
Feb 8: 3D shapes and surface area
more 3D
First volume assignment.
more prisms and pyramids
Feb 15: Converting
Explaining area formulas:
Exam 1
Feb 22: Ratios
similar shapes

similarity and area
(in class assignment)
March 1: using pairs of rectangles for pairs of fractions
adding fractions with materials (fraction bars and pattern blocks)
adding fractions with square diagrams
equivalent ratios and fractions
Mar 8:  adding fractions with rectangles
writing word problems for addition and subtraction with fractions (Assn: write 3 straightforward sub. word probs.)
(assn: more scaling and area problems)

this day turned into a discussion on current work.
Spring Break

Mar 23: In class: more subtraction word probs.
Assn: write 2 more sub wps
multiplication of fractions
More multiplication
review by watching:
adding fractions with squares and with rectangles
multiplying proper fractions part 1 and part 2 and mixed numbers
Online choices for today
Mar 29: Multiplication and division word problems
Probs to discuss: print
Watch part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4
more multiplication and division word problems
diagrams for division word problems
Review/preview video part 1; part 2

More division (measurement)
Review/preview video part 1; part 2; part 3; part 4
Web site
Apr 5: More similarity

We might do stuff with fractions, decimals and percents.
Practice identifying word problems
Exam 2
Apr 12: Probability

Probability Assn 1 Probability Lab
Links: Link #1 (Adjustable Spinner)
Link #2 (Experimental Probability)
Link #3 (Simple Monty Hall)
Link #4 (Generalized Monty Hall)
Apr 19:

Complements and tree diagrams Assn
Today's lab and assignment
Apr 26: Take the survey!

May 3: