Math 246: Math for Elementary Education I 

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venn diagram
Class Schedule: This will change we go along. Unless otherwise noted, you do not need to bring your texbook to class unless you have a question on a homework problem assigned from the textbook.
Mon Wed Thurs Fri

Sept 2 Start unit on sets, patterns and functions
For tomorrow, read the notes and do the practice problems on this page.  Introduce yourself: send me an e-mail before Sept 8: introduce yourself, and tell me what you want to be doing 5 years from now.
set intersections, etc.
Do this worksheet and e-mail to me your introduction if you haven't done so already

Labor Day           

Sept 8 Sets and language:
Read and do the practice problems, then do this worksheet to turn in on Friday
Problem solving with sets
First Link
Second Link
Set notation
Read notes
Worksheet for Monday

Sept 13 The function game    

Deductive and inductive explainations for function rules
Read the notes part 1, part 2
Do the homework
Function rules and Wisweb
Multiple representations of functions

Sept 20 Problem solving with Venn diagrams
HW: Do the other 3 deductive explanations problems, and do these Venn diagrams problems.
What makes a word problem a multiplication word problem.
Some practice Venn diagram problems
A few more
Still more
Exam on sets and functions
Sept 27 Start unit on whole number concepts and operations
CGI types for addition and subtraction
Readings and practice
CGI problem types discussion and practice
practice and take the quiz
Addition and subtraction problem types: direct modeling and counting.  Assn
Oct 4
Derived facts strategies for addition
Read about bar diagrams
Bar diagrams and strategies for subtraction
Bar diagram problems
Equals sign and correct equations
test yourself
Subtraction strategies and informal algorithms.
Learn vocab for the 4 operations, and take the D2L quiz (I will look at all of your answers and re-grade everything, since I know that the auto-grading on this one isn't very good)
Oct 11 Student invented algorithms for addition and subtraction.
[write up an example of each of the invented algorithms we discussed.]

Exploring the standard algorithm for addition and subtraction
More algorithms.  Manipulatives:

Assignment (due Weds)
SMART Notebooks.
Oct 18 Errors and algorithms for addition and subtraction
Multiplication and division problem types
Games to compare:
Academic Skill Builders: check out Meteor Multiplication and one of the race multiplication games. check out Baxley the bear, Ants go marching,
Princess Math,
More multiplication and division.  take the two quizzes on D2L--your score will be the higher of the two scores
Oct 25  Explain subtraction (in the same way you explained addition last week.  Here is the more wordy version of the assignment along with a link to an example.
More commutative and distributive law (assignment due Friday)
Checkerboard multiplication and lattice multiplication
2-digit multiplication with array diagram and base-10 blocks.
Expanded algorithm for multiplication NLVM applet; Sketchpad file
Multiplication errors and algorithms. Direct modeling multiplication and division (assignment)
Nov 1 Long division, short division and scaffolding. Stamp game division (assignment)
Div errors and algorithms; stamp game division, why you can't divide by 0 (assignment)
questions and review
review problems
review answers

Exam 2
Nov 8 Start unit on geometry

Nov 15
Venn diagrams with quadrilaterals and triangles assignment
Figure out the last questions about quadrilateral properties
The Sketchpad file
The properties list

Nov 22 Polygon mysteries.
 Symmetry lines and rotational symmetry.   Assignment
 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Nov 29

Sketchpad Mysteries
 Sketchpad mystery #2 to solve.  Prove your case for who was the thief.
Dec 6

Dec 13 (last day of class)

Final exam Weds Dec 15 3:30-5:30