TED 323:

Mathematics Content and Techniques for Early Childhood Mathematics I

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Field Experience Assignments

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Week of Topics and meetings Tasks
Sept 5-8

Thurs. Sept 6 at 5:30 ITV (Overview of K-3 mathematics, overview of the class, Standards)

Getting to know you survey on D2L (do now). Standards scavenger hunt (we'll do some in class), CGI lessons 0-1 (D2L quiz for lesson 1.  Start when ready--follow links to the lessons.) (due end of day Saturday 9/8)

Print or download to your laptop and bring to class:

Sept 9-15 Saturday Sept 15 at UW-RF (1-4 pm) (Direct modeling, problem scaffolding, models for multiplication and division, patterning)

Before Saturday: CGI lessons 2-3 (Read and watch lessons, and take D2L readings quizzes). 
Printable file of slides from the class
Make up work for those who missed part or all of class. (To appear)
A relevant lesson on patterns and multiplication.
Lessons on border patterns and problem solving to appear later.

Sept 16-22   CGI lesson 4 (D2L quiz)
CGI lesson 5, and CGI HW 1: Write word problems for direct modeling problem types
Sequence and problem solving homework (following up on last Saturday's class)  (all due Saturday the 22nd)
Sept 23-29

Thurs Sept 27 ITV

I am sad that the ITV didn't work :(
I have made you a video review of CGI addition and subtraction problem types for anyone who's having trouble with the quiz. I'll fold other stuff into next week's lessons.

GCI lessons 6-8
lessons 6 and 7 have a D2L quiz associated with them.  There is also a longer CGI-type of problems identification quiz here that you may retake multiple times.  Your score on this quiz will be your highest score as of end of the day on the 29th.
Lesson 8 has a homework assignment associated with it, which is due end of the day on the 30th.
Sept 30-Oct 6  

CGI lessons 9 and 10.  Lessons are ready now.  D2L quizzes are ready too. 
The sequence and problem solving assignments are looking uneven, so there may be a make-up lesson on some of those topics coming later in the week.

Oct 7-13 Saturday Oct 13 at UW-RF

Make-up lessons on patterns (prepare for test)
Instructions for the CGI Interview plan (due Monday Oct 15)
What to study for the test
Test on Cognitively Guided Instruction
Darn--I should have said that (about discussing the interview with your cooperating teacher)

Oct 14-20   Addition and subtraction strategies lessons (most very short):
2.0: Vocabulary (D2L quiz)
2.1: Overview (D2L quiz)
2.2: Counting on (D2L quiz)
2.3: Counting back (D2L quiz)

CGI Interview (plan due Monday 10/15; interview and report due by the end of October)
Oct 21-27 Thurs Oct 25 D2L Online Room 2.4: Count up to (D2L quiz)
2.5: Adding and subtracting with Cuisenaire rods (D2L quiz)
Lesson 2.6: Laying the foundations for arithmetic: Fluency with small numbers (subitizing, composing and decomposing). (homework)
2.7 Bar diagrams and math mountains for addition and subtraction: relating everything to PPW. (homework)
Oct 28-Nov 3

Derived Facts Strategies
Lesson 2.8: Knowing and using doubles to add (D2L Quiz)
Lesson 2.9: Knowing partners of 10, and using 10 to add. (D2L Quiz)
Lesson 2.10:  Build up through ten to subtract (D2L Quiz)
Lesson 2.11: Back down through ten to subtract (D2L Quiz coming)
Number strategies interview plan (due Nov 5. Note you may choose do either this one or the next one, you do not have to do both)
Context for Learning essay

Nov 4-10 Saturday Nov. 9 at UW-RF

Lesson 2.12: Think  addition, Fact families, Timed tests and other basic facts tips. (D2L quiz on this and on all of basic facts strategies)
Test practice: The lesson 2.12 practice problems include review of all of the basic facts strategies. Also review the practice problems for 2.6 and 2.7.
Thoughts about the strategies interview--please read before you do the interview and write up the report.
Lesson plan first draft for the short lesson you are planning to teach is due this week. Please put a draft in the dropbox and bring a copy to discuss on Saturday.

Nov 11-17   Lessons are ready for you to begin work. You should review and take the D2L quiz on section 3.1 soon (before your memory of our Saturday class fades too much)
Lessons 3.2 and 3.3 are rather long lessons, so give yourself a reasonable amount of time.
Nov 18-24 Happy Thanksgiving!
No meeting this week. If you have questions, please e-mail
The assignments are not due until the Monday after Thanksgiving, so you can juggle your schedule in whatever way seems best to you.
Be aware that the video lessons require you to install new software, so it's probably best to not leave that until the very last minute, so you can get help if something doesn't work right the first time.
Nov 25-Dec 1 Thurs, Nov 29 Online Lesson 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8. One D2L quiz (3.8) and one assignment (3.7). All quizzes and assignments for this unit must be done before Dec. 8 There is also a set of practice problems for the exam. I will be happy to show how to answer any of those practice problems during Thursday's online Q and A room (optional), but you will need to come with specific questions about those problems.
Dec 2-8 Saturday Dec 8 at UW-RF Test on base ten with addition and subtraction. Work on multiplication and division.
Dec 9-15    
Dec 16-21   Dec 21 is the last day to turn in outstanding field experience assignments.