Math 412: Geometry II

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Jan 26 Syllabus/Grading Info
Theorems and circles.
Read and understand the statements of the theorems on pages 2 and 3 of the notes (sketch pictures in pencil of what the theorems mean).

What theorems say.
HW: Look up/figure out/explain how to prove Thm 20
HW: Write up the proof of part 2 of Thm 20 using both a 2-column and a flowchart proof. Read about flow chart proofs in the HS book (sec 4.7)
Feb 2 More about angles. Homework   Remember, you can print any page from the Theorems List. if you missed getting it in class or lost it (today we got pages 7 and 8).
You will need these Algebra properties for problems 3 and 4 on the homework
Feb 9 Homework Prove Thm 54 part 2 Some circle problems and theorems
Feb 16   Test 1
Feb 23    
Mar 2    
Mar 9    
Mar 16 Spring Break Week
Mar 23 similar triangles law of cosines  
Mar 30 algebraic trigonometry assignment (due Friday)
Helps for the assignment.

Proving the sum of angles for cosine video
Tessellation assn (see book chapter on tessellating with non-regular polygons)

Fractal Assn
Example about this kind of fractal
Apr 6 More practice
Solutions to more practice
Homework: pg 609 # 18
test Geometric mean
Apr 13 More with trig identities homework still more trig identities. Do 1-5

As homework do pg 427 # 4, 5, 6, 10. Instead of measuring, use trigonometry to find the missing side length in #10.
FYI--this is the regular pentagon construction I failed at doing in class today.

Apr 20 HW pg 450 # 3-5, 8, 9
Work on trig identites 6 -10. Hint for several of them here.

Trigonometric equations
Do #2 and 3. Show how to get the answers using reference triangles and the unit circle.

Apr 27

Do #9, 10 on trig equations. Start by moving all to one side of eqn and factoring.
Prove that the 3 perpendicular bisectors of a triangle meet at one point.
Some notes from class.

More about fractals. Assignment
May 4 Final exam topics list  
Final exam is Monday May 11, 10:15-12:15