Math 411: Geometry

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Sept 5  

Circles: definitions, theorems, axioms and proof.
Assignment: Think of/find as many results (definitions, axioms and theorems) about circles as you can. You should be able to find a full page worth (at least 8 results). Write them up and bring them to class on Friday.

Axioms, postulates and theorems. Assembling a list of axioms, definitions and theorems about circles.
Read pgs 29-43, paying particular attentio to page 41.
Sept 12 Euclid's axioms. Proving things about circles
Homework: write up a definition and axioms for "angle" and "angle measure".
Prove or outline a proof
Try to prove at least 2 theorems. Identify missing information you need in order to prove the theorems.
Circle proofs More circle proofs. Prove the last two theorems on this page.
Sept 19 Shoring up the foundations: axioms and axiomatic systems.   Theorems to try to prove next
Sept 26      
Oct 3      
Oct 10   Read and understand the proofs of the isosceles triangle theorem on Wikipedia.  
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Nov 21   Happy Thanksgiving
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Dec 19 Tuesday 12/20 Final exam 10:15 am