Math 305: Integrating Technology in Teaching Mathematics

Syllabus, Late work policy, ...

Projected schedule. I also project that the schedule will turn out to be wildly inaccurate.

Monday Wednesday Friday

Jan 26
Microsoft Word--equation editor et al (Practice due)
Extra help videos of how to do stuff for this assignment

simultaneous equations
Axes to copy

WinPlot from Peanut Software
(Practice due
Assn due: test on simultaneous equations)

Feb 2
Graphing by shifting and stretching
Write a draft of a test on graphing by transforming

Assn due: bring a draft of a test on graphing by transforming to class
Writing a test assn

GSP (Practice due)
Sketchpad file
Feb 9
Right triangle trigonometry
Write test assn; include a rubric of one item. Same grading scale as previous.
Curve fitting
Fathom documents: CBL data, Planets
Discussion of explorations
Probability with Fathom

Feb 16 writing a Fathom exploration on a probability topic.
Inscribed figures ratio problem

without filters, with filters

Inscribed figures ratio problem discussion
due: More work on exploration
Probability exploration due to test.
Feb 23 Trigonometry Trigonometry More Trigonometry
March 2 Test Out in Schools  Out in schools
Mar 9 Out in schools    
Spring Break    
Mar 23 Explorations with geometric mean and data graphs. Files you will need:
data to graph

discussing graphs.
Look for math lessons that use Excel

Test math lessons that use Excel
Doing grades with Excel
A mock gradebook

Mar 30 More Excel
9:00 iMovie
10:00 bring your calculator
Go see speaker
April 6 discussion and TI-89 putting a tape into iMovie
Other stuff:
Trig applet
Sketchpad trig
Sketchpad 7 triangles
notebook 7 triangles
SMART notebook
April 13 Out in Schools
Apr 20 Out in schools    
Apr 27 Work on iMovie (no class)  iMovie questions
Put lesson ideas into SMART notebook
You can get SMART Notebook here (you can install version 9.x without any trouble)
 Look at some lessons
Or similarity
May 4 Making web animations
Sketchpad file
Failed web attempt
successful web attempt
Geogebra file
web with GeoGebra
 Smart board mini-lessons   Smart board mini-lessons