Math 246: Math for Elementary Education I 

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Schedule: Unless otherwise noted, you do not need to bring your texbook to class unless you have a question on a homework problem assigned from the textbook.

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Sept 5 NH 16
Topic: Introduction to and intersections of sets (sets, subsets, intersection, disjoint)
Homework assigned: Sets HW 1
Read about describing parts of sets

NH 16
In class topic: Describing parts of 2-set Venn diagrams
Homework assigned: Matching diagrams and descriptions.

NH 320
Topic: Logically equivalent statements and Venn diagrams
Homework assigned: Diagrams and equivalent statements

Sept 10 NH 16
Topic: Syllogisms
Homework assigned:
Read the lesson Venn Diagrams and Percents
Analyzing and writing Syllogisms

NH 16
Venn diagrams in words and symbols

NH 16
NH 320
Topic: Using Venn diagrams to make logical deductions

Sept. 17 NH 16
Topic: More 3-set Venn diagrams
Read the lesson Venn Diagrams and Percents
No new assignment.

Topic: problem solving with Venn diagrams
Topic: Problem solving (Polya and the Standards)
Sets and Venn diagram quiz
More problem solving
Homework assignment
Sept 24 Equals sign (writing balanced equations) Problem solving Growing patterns and function rule. Some examples. Our notes from class.  The assignment (due Monday) Homework: From the Spotting Numbers Problems applet on the Wisweb site, do level 1 problems: F numbers 1 and table numbers. For each problem: label it, draw the first 3 stages, write the formula and explain your formula using a 2nd grade multiplication explanation (label your diagrams to match your explanation)
Oct 1 Growing patterns in 3rd grade
More about order of operations and problem solving with Venn diagrams review Exam 1
Oct 8: CGI JRU, SRU and PPW problems CGI start unknown problems CGI compare problems Online quiz on identifying CGI problem types.
Some resources for understanding and identifying CGI problem types
Oct 15: Computation strategies for addition and subtraction   Strategies resource page

Quick links:
Thinking with numbers

Oct 22: More addition and subtraction strategies with larger numbers Adding with the standard algorithm example Bar diagrams and solving equations Subtracting with the standard algorithm
Oct 29: Addition and subtraction errors and algorithms   Quiz on CGI and basic facts strategies Multiplication word problems
Nov 5: Redo option for standard algorithm explanation.
Commutative and distributive law assignment.
multiplying 2 digit numbers with base 10 blocks more multiplication algorithms Please watch these intro videos on division.
Vid 1
Vid 2
Optional video on lattice algorithm
Nov. 12 Division word problem types. Assignment
More possibly helpful videos.
Multiplication and division word problems with bar diagrams

Multidigit division with manipulatives and the scaffolding algorithm.
More possibly helpful resources

Nov 19 Exam 2 Thanksgiving no class
Nov 26. Shapes and properties.
Shape sorting assignment
Quadrilaterals Symmetry

Symmetry Lab

Shading diagrams to restrict symmetry symmetry in quadrilaterals transformations 2-step transformations
Shapes on geoboards central and interior angles in regular polygons

Sum of angles in a polygon

Geometry Problems review
More Venn diagram problems