TED 324:

Mathematics Content and Techniques for Early Childhood Mathematics II

E-mail your instructor: laurel.langford@uwrf.edu

Field Experience Assignments

Links to the lessons: A lot of the course information is available on line. These are links to the online lessons for TED 323 and 324.

Week of Topics and meetings Tasks
Jan 27-Feb1

Thurs. Jan 30 Meeting via D2L Online Room

Feb 2-8 Saturday Feb 8 at UW-RF

Before Saturday
Lesson 5.1: Writing Equal Equations (watch/read lesson and take the D2L quiz)
Look for a lesson (Youtube) or lesson plan (book/internet) that has an inquiry component. Bring it to class and be ready to share on Saturday.

Feb 9-15  

Assignment: by Sunday, Feb 16, write up the addition lesson into a lesson plan. Instructions are here.

Feb 16-22

Thurs Feb 20

Read/watch lesson 6.1: Length measurement, and do the homework assignment. Assignment due Saturday Feb 22.
On Thursday, log in to class for a lesson on area and perimeter. For the class on Thursday do:

  • Reread the grade 3 lesson on area and perimeter that we discussed in class on the 8th.
  • Print out some 1-cm grid paper to use, and have a ruler that shows centimeters available to use.

There will be an additional homework assignment following Thursday's class.

Feb 23-Mar1  

After conferencing with me about your Addition Lesson Plan, you'll be submitting a revision of part of that lesson plan. Due Saturday March 1.
Homework on area and perimeter (following last Thursday's on line class) is here. You can print out the Word document version and hand-write and scan it, or you can download the SMART Notebook file version of the assignment and do it using the tools in SMART Notebook. Due Sunday March 2.

Mar 2-8

Sat Mar 8 at UW-RF

Read/watch/study The lesson 6.3: Measurement: area, perimeter and volume.
There will be a test Saturday on Measurement and Equality. Here are some practice problems to try.

Mar 9-15  

Read/watch lesson 7.1: Triangles, Rectangles and Squares and take the D2L quiz.
Read/watch lesson 7.2: Introduction to Symmetry and do the assignment (due March 20)
Talk to your cooperating teacher to decide when and what unit you will be teaching 2 lessons from. Submit your unit outline when you get all of the information.
Put a blank or random file in the dropbox "Test Feedback" so I can get you feedback on your test.

Mar 16-22 Spring Break
Mar 23-29

Thurs Mar 27

Preread for Thursday's lesson: 187-209 in the text Teaching Student Centered Mathematics by Van de Walle.
Print and cut out these shapes.
We'll meet at the ITV sites this time, because there were a few connection problems with D2L last time.

Mar 30-Apr 5

Sat Apr 5 at UW-RF

Read lessons
7.3: Van Hiele Levels and
7.4: Properties and definitions.
Each section has practice problems and answers. If you would like to write up and turn in any of the practice questions from 7.3 for feedback, you may do so. Please have them in the dropbox by Wednesday night in order to get feedback.
Test Saturday on 7.1-7.4 (study the practice problems from each section)

Apr 6-12   no new work this week
Apr 13-19   Composing shapes and showing fractions geometrically: Lesson; homework
Apr 20-26

Thurs Apr 24

Unit fractions and number line fractions
Before Thursday, print out and read about fractions using unit fractions.Have your print out with your written in notes out at class time.
Explaining fractions homework assignment. (due May 3)
Apr 27-May 3   Bar graphs of number data
Videos ready to go: category data, measurement data.
Assignment. Due May 5
May 4-10 Sat May 10 at UW-RF

Things to study for the exam.
Things to bring to class:
Books and math kits to turn in.
Videos for me if you have not already done so.
Questions about the Chalk and Wire portfolio, and stories to share about teaching in the classroom.

May 11-15   May 15 is the last day to turn in field experience assignments, post Chalk and Wire portfolio assignments, etc.