TED 323:

Mathematics Content and Techniques for Early Childhood Mathematics I

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Field Experience Assignments

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Week of Topics and meetings Tasks
Sept 5 Thursday evening at 5:00 we meet over ITV.

Before Saturday Sept 17:
Work through and study CGI Addition and Subtraction, lessons 0-4

Sept 12 Thursday evening there is an optional on-line meeting using D2L
Saturday we are meeting on campus in person
Saturday, you will be taking a quiz on CGI lessons 1-4
You should be getting your math kits on Saturday. If you already have them, please bring them on Saturday.
If you like the VisTablet (that's the write-on pad that works kind of like a mouse), you can get one with an educational discount here.

Sept 19 Thursday evening, on-line, optional D2L meeting. Complete and turn in (D2L dropbox) CGI assignment 1: writing problems and anticipating difficulties in problems for children at a direct modeling stage. Due Sept 22.
Work though and study Lessons 5-6
Work on CGI assignment 2: Teaching addition and subtraction using word problems. Due Monday Sept 26.
Sept 26 Thursday evening, ITV session
Bring your math kits, your 10-frame from last Saturday's class (if you didn't keep your 10-frames, you can draw yourself a new one--you'll need two 10-frames on a single piece of paper. Make sure the squares in the 10-frames are big enough to hold the square counters from the math kit.) and bring the book Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics by Van de Walle and Lovin.
Work through and study CGI Lessons 7 and 8
Oct 3 Optional Q&A meeting online Thursday evening.

Work through and study Basic Facts lessons 2 and 3
Info on field experience assignments

Oct 10 Saturday meeting
Bring your math kits, your 10-frame and colored pencils.
Work through and study Basic Facts lesson 4 and possibly one other (to appear)
For the quiz, study the practice problems from Basic Facts lessons 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Oct 17 My apologies for this week--I was playing catch up with a bunch of things  
Oct 24 Thursday evening ITV session (Working on rescheduling this) I hope to have 3 lessons out this week for you. The first, our follow up on base 10 work from the 15th is up now (Base 10 lesson 1).
Oct 31

ITV meeting Thursday Nov 3!

Please read the sections from Teaching Student Centered Mathematics K-3 (Van de Walle and Lovin) on The value of Teaching with Problems and A Three-Part Format for Problem-Based Lessons pgs 14-19.
Also read the excerpt from Teach Like a Champion in the Content section of the D2L website for the course.
Nov 7 Saturday meeting on Nov 12

Lessons to watch this week: Lessons 2 and 3 about base 10: teaching addition and subtraction with 2 questions and discussion and 3 by demonstrating and explaining.
Assignment this week: Make a video of 2-digit addition and subtraction (follows lesson 3)
Bring to class: your math kit; Primary Mathematics 2A and 3A

Nov 14 Optional Thursday evening session Assignment: video yourself presenting a 3-digit addition problem. The assignment is due Saturday.
Nov 21 Happy Thanksgiving!
No meeting this week. If you have questions, please e-mail
Assignment: video yourself presenting a 3-digit subtraction problem. The assignment is due next Monday 11/28
New lesson up. Check it out when you're done celebrating Thanksgiving.
And another lesson (lesson 5)--you'd think I wasn't doing anything else this weekend.
Nov 28 (Dec 1) Thursday evening ITV session
Please bring your Unifix cubes and Primary Mathematics 3A to class with you.
Practice problems for making bar diagrams to solve word problems; solutions to the practice problems
Dec 8/10 Optional Thursday Q and A
Saturday meeting
Last assignment.  You can do this either in SMART Notebook, or you can print it from Word and mail it in to me.  If the SMART Notebook version won't open for you then send me an e-mail and I'll send a version to you via e-mail
Dec 15 Thursday evening Q and A  
Dec 19-23   Dec 23 is the last day to get stuff in to me.

Content available:

Some Theories of Math Education
CGI: Cognitively Guided Instruction