Math 412 Geometry II


Planned schedule:

Monday Wednesday Friday
1/28 Introductions, some interesting topics Pictures from class
HW: Skim through the textbooks, and find several topics you would like to learn about.
1/30 Bring in your "interesting topics" list
Angles in circles assignments
2/1 More circles and flow chart proofs (intersecting chords). Some similarity review.
Today's assignment (due Monday)
2/4 Sign up to teach a topic. E-mail me if you didn't turn in a preference list in class.
Still more reasoning and circles. Power of a point. Write a flow-chart proof of the power of a point result where the point lies outside the circle (see picture 2 here:
2/6 More circles: 2/8 Probably more circles
2/11 Trigonometry: similarity and trig functions; solving right triangle problems (DG 12.1 and 12.2) 2/13 Trigonometry: Law of sines and law of cosines (DG 12.3 and 12.4--leave 10 minutes please) 2/15 Trigonometry: extending to the unit circle and the Pythagorean identitiy
2/18 Trigonometry: sum of angles formulas   2/22 Exam
2/25 Basic constructions 2/27 Hexagons and Pentagons 3/1 Incenters and Circumcenters.
Assignment: The homework is to make 6 triangles: 2 scalene acute, 2 scalene obtuse and 2 scalene right triangles.  Find/construct the circumcenter of each of them.  Then make a conjecture relating the position of the circumcenter to the type of triangle. (see Geometry sec. 3.7)
3/4 Concurrence 1 3/6 Concurrence 2 (Centroids) 3/8 Ceva's theorem
3/11 Mandelbrot and Julia sets
Homework on triangle centers: geogebra file; alternate (Word docx) file.
3/13 Strictly self similar fractals
HW today
HW from last week (correct and resubmit)

Iterated Function System fractals. You can read about them at
Read especially sections 1E and 1F.

3/18 Fractal dimension assignment fractals
Alternate IFS assignment
3/20 3/22 Exam 2
3/25 Spring Break 3/27  No classes 3/29
4/1 Informal Topology Homework 4/3 Homeomorphisms pg 303 # 2, 3, 4, 5a,b,e,f 4/5 Homeomorphisms p. 328 # 1, 2, make a "State of Utah"
4/8 Euler Number Homework 4/10 4/12
4/15 4/17 Homework: 2 holed torus 4/19
4/22 4/24 4/26
4/29 5/1 5/3
5/6 5/8 5/10
  Final exam, Weds May 15 1-3 pm