Math 248


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Jan 29 Class overview; middle school math overview; patterns and functions.
Jan 31 Linear and non-linear patterns and functions. Representing functions.
Feb 5 Teaching project information. Middle school geometry overview. Sign up for middle school teaching project
Feb 12  
Feb 19 Lesson plan template
Feb 26 Peer teaching: VC, KB, ES and SM, BK

Peer teaching: TM, MP and KR, AH
Directions to Meyer Middle School
HW: Make 6 different rectangles using tangrams (you'll be using different numbers of tangrams in the rectangles, and not always using all 7). You can cut and trace/sketch your tangrams, or you can do the problems on the web and screen capture your rectangles. I suggest using the NLVM tangrams because they are outlined, and it's easy for you to show me what tans you used to make the rectangles.

March 5 Peer teaching Peer teaching
Mar 12 Happy Pi day!
Eat pie, be happy. Check out the exam review. E-mail me about things it would be really nice to go over in class on Tuesday.
Exam review

Mar 19 By the end of spring break, please write me a reflection on your experience teaching at the middle school.
More cube building problems can be found here (see page 3)
Alternately check out building houses with side views here

exam 1
Mar 26  Spring Break
Apr 2 Integers
Assn: For each problem, explain it two ways (chip type model and number line type model)
a. 3-4, b. 3+(-4) c. (-3)x(-4) (Due Thursday)

1. Make up and draw out how to solve with algebra tiles two problems, with the forms:
a. 2(...) = ...
b. -3x+... = ...
2. Show how to solve each with algebra tiles:
a. 2(3x+4) = 4x-10
3(x-4) = x+6
Some online algebra tiles are:

Apr 9 For your reading and teaching project, please fill out this sheet and submit to the dropbox or in class. If you're going first and you have questions, please e-mail me so I can improve my instructions!
Factoring and multiplying homework.

Apr 16 Equals signs examples: example 1, example 2.
After watching these videos try doing problems 3-5 on the homework.
Apr 23 How to make a box plot
Part 1: finding the median and quartiles
Part 2: drawing the box plot
Apr 30  
May 7  
  Final exam Thursday May 16th 1-3 pm