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Finals week: I will be around Tuesday 9-3 and Wednesday 11-3 (with a break for lunch somewhere in the middle) to answer questions. The final is Thursday at 10:15 in our usual classroom

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Tuesday Thursday
1/27 The fourth dimension.
Read section 4.7, especially pgs 310-313
Practice problems
The 4th dimensional cube
Practice problems
2/3 4D prisms practice problems Probability day 1: read section 7.1 (starts on page 516)
Check out these practice problems
Try the balancing a penny on edge experiment (see Lincoln on Edge p. 516 or Edgy Lincoln pg 521).
2/10 Probability: the birthday problem
read section 7.2
practice problems
More probability. The 4 kinds of experiments you're supposed to know how to handle are: all different, at least two the same, none are "a specific number", at least one is "a specific number"
Practice part 1(same as the Tuesday link), practice part 2
2/17 There will be 2 quizzes on Thursday. One that is almost just like today's quiz (I will average the scores). The other will be questions about rolling two dice. Practice here

Weighted averages (how to figure out your grade if you know your scores) Practice here

2/24 First day of Fractals! Practice here The Sierpinski triangle. The quiz will ask you to explain 3 ways to make the Sierpinski triangle. There are 3 ways explained in the book (read section 6.3. The Sierpinski triangle shows up first on page 436, then on page 442 and again in the Chaos Game pg 447 also here) In class we also looked at a fourth way, (and you can probably Google it and find some more).
3/3Fractals The beginnings of Fractal dimension thinking. I highly reccommend reading section 6.6 in the book, and then doing these practice problems. Chaos from population equations practice problems

3/10 Bring your questions about problems that might be on the midterm to class! Chaos links
There will be a question on the test that asks for an example of where (in what sort of application of math to the world) you might find a chaotic situation.

Midterm exam
Spring break More
3/24 Beginnings of UPC codes (the check digit calculator is here)
Adding, multiplying and subtracting mod 10
Interior angles of regular polygons
Practice problems

Aaargh! I forgot to put the practice problems up. I guess that means no quiz on the 31st.

3/31 UPC codes. No quiz today. There will be two quizzes next time (sigh).
Study for quiz 1
study for quiz 2

Valid bank routing numbers (more check digit stuff)
Study problems

4/7 Simple and compound interest practice here interest compounded more than annually and APY. Practice here
4/14 Some subtleties of percents An introduction to Fibonacci numbers. Practice here
4/21 Winning at Fibonacci NIM practice And yet more Fibonacci number stuff; and some other sequences too. Practice
4/28 Probably the last of the Fibonacci stuff. Practice A day on polyhedra Practice
5/5 More about Euler characteristic and why you always get 2. Practice