Math 126: Activities in Mathematics

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Schedule and assignments

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Sept 5  

Equivalence by deformation (topology)
Practice these problems #2-5

Sept 12 Equivalence by deformation 3-D problems
Practice #1 and 2 on this page
Moebius stuff.
Practice the rest of the problems (#3-6), but especially be prepared to do problems like #6
Sept 19 Homework due Sept 27 in class
Tonight--start working on the homework.

Smiley's, graphs and origami paper
Practice problems

Sept 26 Traceable graphs. Practice # 1-8 here. (This quiz delayed until Tuesday Oct 4 due to technical difficulties) Modular arithmetic. This is section 2.4  Crazy Clocks and Checking Out Bars
Practice problems
Oct 3 UPC codes More UPC codes also in section 2.4  Crazy Clocks and Checking Out Bars (pg 82)
Practice problems
Oct 10 Still more UPC codes--finding missing digits in odd numbered places.
Practice problems
Probability with 2-dice
Practice problems
Oct 17 Probability with 2 and 3 dice: all the same and all different
Practice problems
Probability with the birthday problem
Oct 24   Midterm Exam
Oct 31 Prime numbers
Practice problems
Proving there are infinitely many prime numbers, and homework
Homework assignment: pg. 77 # 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Practice for a very short quiz
Nov 7 The Art Gallery Problem (Sec 4.2 pg 218)
practice problems
There will be a quiz with 1 more art gallery problem. Mostly, you should read 6.1 and 6.3, and come with 2 questions about fractals.
Nov 14 Counting and measuring fractals: practice problems Fractal dimension In the book this is section 6.6 which starts on page 503. Here are the practice problems
Nov 21

Cool fractal site
Fractal assignment choices

Happy Thanksgiving
Nov 28 Polyhedra
Practice problems

More Polyhedra
practice problems

Dec 5 Fourth dimension!
Practice problems
Fourth dimensional prisms
Practice problems
Dec 12    
Dec 19   Final exam Dec 22 1-3 pm