Michael's Scratch Assignments:

Part 1 of 5:

Watch the getting started lessons on one of these two sites:

Learn Scratch (Scratch 1) at  http://learnscratch.org/scratch-1. The topics in these lessons are:

Lesson 1: Movement and sound
Lesson 2: Repeat blocks and start and stop
Lesson 3: Changing color and using key presses to control stuff
Lesson 4: Making Sprites.  You'll also want to watch my video on using sprites from other picture files
Lesson 5: Make a sprite speak (typed words on screen)
Lesson 6: Image effects--I think these are kind of unnecessary, but I think you'll think they are cool
Lesson 7: Add sound (built in sounds). Let me know if you want help with recording a sound (pretty easy) or importing a sound (either easy or tricky depending on what format the sound is in)
Lesson 8: Putting sounds and movement together to make a sprite "dance"

Official Scratch website stuff:

Read and do all of the things in the Getting Started manual: http://info.scratch.mit.edu/sites/infoscratch.media.mit.edu/files/file/ScratchGettingStartedv14.pdf

Watch the video tutorials: http://info.scratch.mit.edu/Video_Tutorials

Assignment: make a Scratch program with some sprites that move and/or change costumes, and there is sound.  E-mail it to me.

Part 2 of 5:

Look at these 3 Scratch projects that have different backgrounds and/or have sprites talking:


Read these instructions for useful commands for that kind of project

Assignment: make something similar.  It would be especially cool if you could do one like the Scenes example because that might get us close to making a video game type thing later.

OK--3 more projects to go. Here are some ideas I've been thinking about: