Sarah S's class

To do for each section:

The outline: I will start by assigning readings and assessments.  Some of these assignments you won't have trouble with, and others you will.  Please start each subsection by doing a quick-read of the assigned readings, and then trying all of the homework (formative assessment) problems.  Then, figure out what topics the problems you can't figure out have in common, and send me an e-mail asking about those problems.  I'll get back to you within a couple of days with answers, and then you should finish the assessment items.  Submit the formative assessments first.  You should get feedback on them within two days, at which time you can do the summative (quiz-type) assessment.

Unit 1: 3D geometry and measurement

3D geometry.
Pythagorean theorem and perimeter
Surface Area

Unit 2: Fractions, ratios, etc.

Ratios and similar figures
Fraction basics
Adding and subtracting fractions
Multiplying and dividing fractions
More ratios

Unit 3: Probability and Statistics

Some Probability
Some Statistics

The plan for grading:

There will be formative, open book, assessments, and summative, closed book/notes assessments for each sub topic.
Formative weighted 25% of the grade, summative assessments 75%  of the grade.  There will be no long term tests unless it looks like you could be getting better than a B.