Montessori Math resources

My SMART Notebook files (Montessori and otherwise)

Base 10 blocks
Grids to use with decimals and percents
Stamp game
Jennifer's Dot Games
Bead Frame
Fraction circles
Fraction squares
Number cards up to 99 with an abacus (of the ALAbacus type)
note: Some computers don't like downloaded SMART Notebook files.  I don't know why.  If your computer can't open these, e-mail me ( and ask for an e-mailed copy.  That has always fixed the problems so far.


Key Attributes of Montessori Education (.doc)
Dot Game paper (.doc)
Stamp Game color printables (.pdf)
Stamp Game Blackline master printables (.pdf)

Videos of me doing various computations with Montessori materials

Checkerboard multiplication
Checkerboard and connections to lattice multiplication
Stamp game multiplication
Stamp game division vid 1, vid 2