Math 305: Integrating technology into teaching secondary mathematics

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Projected schedule (and announcements)

Week of Monday Wednesday Friday

Mathematical typesetting and trying out the calculators
TI NSpire calculator lessons
Mathematical typesetting assignment (due Friday)

Geometric diagrams from Geogebra and more calculators
Geogebra assignment (due next Wednesday)


Graphs from Winplot
(Winplot instructions)
Graphing assignment (due Friday)

SMART Notebook Screencast software
With screencast software of your choice, record a screencast of yourself explaining how to solve one of the trigonometry problems from your 438 assignment.  Organize your work using SMART Notebook. Upload to the dropbox, or send me a link.
2/6 Fractions assignment (due Friday) Geogebra lessons geogebra assignment 2  
2/13 Math week--rational functions logarithms
Kate Nowak is awesome
how fast can you multiply? (can you beat 24 per minute?)
2/20 Graphing calculators   Discussions about displaying data
Some data (Excel)
2/27 Microteaching Our class at usual time Dr Wright in the lab (Prezi?)
3/5 Out in schools
3/12 Spring Break  

Wolfram Alpha
The worksheets: integration techniques, radical equations

3/26 Create a graph
Sketchpad Sketch
Math games
4/2 Microteaching Our class Dr Wright
4/9 out    


4/23 schools    
4/30 Excel spreadsheets
Gradebook assignment
  Questions to prepare for final
Vi Hart's video .99...=1
Vi Hart's channel
5/7 Final exam schedule TBA