Math 305 Spring 2011

Proposed schedule:

Monday Wednesday Friday

1/24 Exploring computer tools
PLC & the class blog

Equation editor:
Can you do this?
Also, Transformation Golf and Transtar

Transformation Golf
--download, play, discuss.
Explore the construct menu. Figure out how everything works. Discuss the unreasonable usefulness of hide.
Use construct commands to make a resizable, dragable, turnable square that always stays square.
(How about a parallelogram? A rhombus? a rectangle? Construct a cool shape of your own)
What calculator will you be bringing Monday?

1/31 Graphing calc Geogebra Excel
Try out using Excel as a grade book using these scenarios.
Google spreadsheet math lesson to find a math lesson that uses Excel. Try it out and report back to the class about what the lesson your found was like (what math was it, how was the spreadsheet used, did you think it was an effective use of technology).
2/7 Winplot Fathom SMART board/Notebook
2/14 Quiz? Representing mathematical situations (visualization)  

Shape makers file

Rectangle Example

2/28 Microteaching Out in schools
3/7 Out in schools
3/14 spring break  
3/21 Lesson structures (closely guided vs open ended)
Pi and radians
Probability and Monty Hall
Let's Make a Deal vs Deal or No Deal
Scale factors: scale fish, scale flower A handout
some virtual algebra tiles from NLVM; some similar stuff with problems from Wisweb.
Proof without words for completing the square.

We'll read and try out some well scaffolded (type 1) lessons, and read some teacher discussion about them. Midpoint quadrilaterals and Trapezoids

Dan in action
Dan and Kate's versions
Before Wednesday read Riley Lark's thoughts on CPM here and here
Excel examples by Dan and

CPM Workshop

Work on type 1 and type 2 lesson plans. For Monday, you need to have a type 1 (guided scaffolded inquiry) lesson plan and a type 2 (less guided, more student driven inquiry) lesson plan. Both lesson plans should include math content goals and a technology tool.

4/4 CAS and judicious calculator use
Maria's thoughts on Wolfram Alpha

discus calculators and CAS
Maybe fractions

Make a SMART Notebook file that will let you demonstrate some math idea for 10 minutes on the SMART board on Monday. We'll also explore some of the games available to customize in SMART Notebook.

Also, bring your TI-83/84. We'll try inputtig Sam Shah's Riemann sum program

4/11 Come get some hands-on time with the SMART board so you have a real idea of how to make the board do what you want it to. Microteaching Out in schools
4/25 Out in schools

5/2 Teaching Fractions
My fraction applets
Fraction circles SMART Notebook
Fraction squares SMART Notebook

TED 438 meeting this day Teaching Logarithms