Math 247: Math for Elementary Teachers II, Spring 2018

Instructor: Dr. Laurel Langford, homepage
Office hours schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Jan 22: Syllabus
Do for Tuesday's class
Practice integer problems
(draw addition and subtraction on number lines)
Do integer practice addition and subtraction with integer chips Do multiplication practice with integer chips
Video examples
Jan 29 Integer Answers
Fraction practice 1
Web sites to use:
Thinking blocks fractions
Fraction bars
Fraction practice 1 answers
Handout and assignments on describing fractions with unit fractions and comparing fractions
both due Monday 2/5.
Notes, unit fraction tips, unit fraction video, comparing fractions online practice
Open book homework quiz Friday on thinking blocks fractions and fraction practice 1 (see Monday and Tuesday)
Analyzing student work with comparisons
Feb 5: More discussion of comparison strategies.
Begin fraction equivalence.
Some web sites we might use:
gap zappers
Equivalent fractions
Fargo and Denny part 1
F and D part 2
Belle and Cody part 1
Equivalence videos:
Equivalence by splitting
Equivalence by grouping part 1
Equivalence by grouping part 2
Optional: equivalence with different representations part 1, part 2
Homework (due Friday)
In class: understand and explain mixed numbers and fractions greater than 1
Homework, mini-project: explain why subtracting a negative is the same as adding a positive.
Feb 12: Word problems for fraction addition
Estimating fraction addition and subtraction with number lines. Finish by Friday
Feedback on equivalence
Some web sites:
gap zappers
F and D part 2
Fraction addition
Fraction subtraction
Review topics Today's notes
Some other review links (most of which are already somewhere on this page)
Feb 19: Test 1
Videos to watch before Tuesday:
Adding with fraction circles
Adding and subtracting with fraction squares
Adding and subtracting with grid paper
Feb 26:
Mar 5:
Mar 12
Mar 19:
Mar 26
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