Unit 4: Decimals, Percents and Ratios.

Section 11: Decimals


Decimal grids in SMART Notebook
Decimal grids in Microsoft Word
Bassarear discusses Decimals in section 5.4

Representing and comparing of decimals
In D2L->Content->Readings, read the article "Investigating Students' Conceptual Understanding of Decimal Fractions Using Multiple Representations"
Decimals and place value.
Misconceptions and representations part 1; part 2.
Decimals in metric measurements.
Decimals on number lines.
Assignment due Aug 10:
Assn 52: Draw or otherwise produce diagrams showing each of these decimals
a. in a grid
b. with base 10 blocks
c. on a number line. 
d. tell what length in centimeters or millimeters each represents if 1 means 1 m. (tell, don't draw)
(For example, in #1d, you should do: 0.68m=?cm  or 0.68m=?mm--choose which ever of cm or mm makes the most sense to use for the given amount)
1. 0.68
2. 0.4
3. 0.005

Fractions and decimals
D2L->Content->Readings->Relating Fractions and Decimals

More misconceptions
Using a grid to convert fractions to decimals involves using a decimal grid, subdividing it into the appropriate fraction and then using the original grid to figure out the decimal representation for the amount.
Using division to convert fractions to decimals

Assn 53: Converting fractions and decimals. Aug 10

Operations on decimals:
D2L->Content->Readings->The Finger and the Moon
Reference on significant digits
Explaining addition (and an extra example--very optional)
The difficulties of multiplication
An invented algorithm part 1, part 2.
Decimal multiplication with arrays part 1, part 2.
Things to know before you start dividing decimals: ways to handle remainders; significant digits.
Dividing decimals part 1, part 2;
And an optional ramble on remainders and dividing decimals.

Assn 54: Decimal operations. Aug 12