Math 647 Unit: Early Number and Operations concepts

Section 4: Equations and Equality

No new computer skills are needed for this section, but you will need the book Thinking Mathematically.

Content goals:
Equality and the equals sign part 1
Readings: Chapter 2 of Thinking Mathematically
My summary and comments
Assn 18: Fill out, and turn in the Equality Reading Guide (take notes about chapter 2).  I reccomend typing your answers directly into the document (and then uploading it). June 15

Equality and the equals sign part 2
Videos: On the CD included with the book Thinking Mathematicaly, view the contents of the CD, and then run (double click) the START application.  Watch
Readings: Read and think about these practice questions.
Assn 19: Answer the questions that go along with the videos (you may type your answers directly into the document) June 7
Assn 20: Answer the Challenges questions 1-4 from Thinking Mathematically page 24. June 15