Math 647 Unit: Early Number and Operations concepts

Section 2: Equations and Equality

No new computer skills are needed for this section, but you will need the book Thinking Mathematically.  If you do not have Thinking Mathematically, but you do have the book Childrens Mathematics then you can skip ahead to the next section, and come back to this section when your copy of the book arrives.

If you have neither book, send me an e-mail to let me know that you will be delayed in working on this class until your books arrive.

Content goals:
Equality and the equals sign part 1
Readings: Chapter 2 of Thinking Mathematically
My summary and comments
Assn 8: Fill out, and turn in the Equality Reading Guide (take notes about chapter 2).  I reccomend typing your answers directly into the document (and then uploading it). June 7

Equality and the equals sign part 2
Videos: On the CD included with the book Thinking Mathematicaly, view the contents of the CD, and then run (double click) the START application.  Watch
Readings: Read and think about these practice questions.
Assn 9: Answer the questions that go along with the videos (you may type your answers directly into the document) June 7
Assn 10: Answer the Challenges questions 1-4 from Thinking Mathematically page 24. June 7