TED 324:

Mathematics Content and Techniques for Early Childhood Mathematics II (Spring 2013)

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Field Experience Assignments

Links to the lessons

Week of Topics and meetings Tasks
Jan 27-Feb2

Thursday, Jan 31 Online

Lesson 4.1: Multiplication and division with repeated groups (D2L quiz) Do by Feb 6.
Lesson 4.2: Two step word problems (Thursday's class--assignment here) If turned in electronically by Feb 6, I will get you feedback Feb 7. Last time to turn it in is at the beginning of class Feb 9. A review of multiplicative comparison bar diagrams

Feb 3-9 Saturday, Feb 9 in River Falls

(Short test on lessons 4.1 and 4.2)
Read before class: Van De Walle "Problem-Based Tasks" pg 11
"A Three-Part Format for Problem-Based Lessons" pgs 15-19

Feb 10-16  

Lesson 4.3 ; Written assignment; video assignment due Feb 17
Number-talks assignment (due Feb 15)
Reflect on an inquiry lesson assignment (read the lessons handed out in class Saturday, and be ready to discuss them from an inquiry standpoint Feb 21)

Feb 17-23

Thursday, Feb 21 (ITV)
Printable of the Notebook slides from tonight's lesson.

Lesson 4.4 Homework due Feb 23.
Inquiry lesson plan assignment 2 due Feb 25 (will be assigned on Thursday)
Feb 24-March 2  

Lesson 4.5 with D2L quiz Due March 8

Mar 3-9 Saturday, March 9 in River Falls

Lesson 5.1 with D2L quiz Due March 8
The test will include information from 4.3-4.5 and 5.1

Mar 10-16  

Shapes lesson 6.1 Basic Shapes (D2L quiz),
6.2 Intro to Symmetry (assignment) e-mail me if the downloaded SMART Notebook file won't open properly for you.

Mar 17-23

Thursday, March 21 ITV. Please bring with you to class

  • The Van de Walle textbook
  • The geoboard (square board with pegs) from your math kit and a few rubber bands
  • printed copies of the files: hexagons, shapes to sort, dot paper.
  • The small sheets of patty paper (tracing paper) if you remembered to pick those up last Saturday (optional--we may not use these, and it will be possible to do everything without them, so don't worry if you didn't get them or can't find them)

Hexagon classification assignment is here.
Shapes lesson 6.3: Van Hiele levels and properties of shapes

Mar 24-30

Spring Break--no new work or meetings

Mar 31-Apr 6  

There is one assignment this week, and it goes with the Van Hiele lesson.
The new lessons are just re-learning vocabulary that you hopefully already knew.
Lesson 6.4
Lesson 6.5
I want to concentrate on the lesson plans coming in, so there won't be an assignment for these lessons, but there are some practice problems.

Apr 7-13 Saturday, April 13 in River Falls Many people are turning in lesson plans (yay!) which leaves me less time for other things (aw) so once again, these lessons have no assignment, but study the practice problems to be ready for the test.
Lesson 6.6
Lesson 6.7.
If you are teaching this week or next week you may put off taking the test until next month. If you wait until next month, you must plan on either being to class early or staying late to take this test.
Apr 14-20    
Apr 21-27 Thursday, April 25 (Online) Begin fractions.
Lesson 7.1 now available
Practice problems from Thursday's lesson now available as Lesson 7.2
Apr 28-May 4   Review of writing correct equations
example #1
example #2
May 5-11 Saturday, May 11 in River Falls  
May 12-18   May 17 is the last day to turn in outstanding field experience assignments.