TED 324: Content and teaching techniques for early childhood mathematics II

e-mail the teacher: laurel.langford@uwrf.edu

Content resources--here are all of the lessons I've created for these two classes

Field experience assignments

Projected schedule (and announcements)

Week of Meetings (when and what to bring) Assignments (what and when to submit)
1/23-28 1/26 ITV 5pm
bring Primary Mathematics grade 3A, linking cubes or tiles, 2 pages of cm grid paper, your Cuisenaire rods and scissors, pencil and notebook paper.
Read ahead: Chapter 4 (Multiplication and Division) in Children's Mathematics (the CGI book)
1/30-2/4 Web conference Q&A on D2L Thursday at 5:00 (not required)

Watch and do the practice problems: Multiplication and Division 1: Multiplication models, properties and basic facts.
(Do this by Thursday and ask questions at this Thursday's Q&A)


Web conference Q&A on D2L Thursday at 5:00 (ask questions before Saturday's quiz) Optional help session.  The quiz will be on lessons 1 and 2 only.
2/11 RF (Bring your math kit.)

Watch and do practice problems: Lesson 2: Multiplying 2- and 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers

2/13-2/18 Q&A Thursday for people who would like to ask questions about their unit plan. Watch and do practice problems: Lesson 3: Two ways of thinking of division
2/20-2/25 2/23 ITV 5pm Lesson 4: Division with remainders
2/27-3/3 3/3 RF  
3/5-3/10   Lesson 5: Patterns and multiplication (finally)
3/12-3/17 Spring
You don't need to get through all of these before the 24th, but I'm posting some new lessons that may help you with your lesson writing

Transformations lesson 1: Introduction to symmetry
Transformations lesson 2: Flips, Slides, and Turns
Transformations lesson 5: Frieze patterns with flips turns and slides

3/19-3/24 3/24 RF  
4/9-4/14 4/12 ITV 5pm
Shapes lesson 1 is up.  Please try to look at it before Thursday so you can ask questions about anything that's confusing.
Please bring: your math manipulative kit; 3-4 rubber bands (there may be some in your kit) and a pair of scissors.
Please print and bring these shapes and at least one page of cm dot paper

I have notes and practice problems posted from last Thursday now. Shapes: properties of triangles and quadrilaterals

4/23-4/28 3/28 RF
New lesson: Composing and decomposing shapes, fractions, and area
Quiz will be on the geometry lessons (Transformations and shapes).  You can see all of those lessons on the Geometry Menu page.  Notice that I did not create as many geometry lessons as I had planned to, so there are only 6 lessons total.
  • Bring your books and kits to return. 
  • Plan to share something interesting about a math lesson you taught this semester (5-10 mins). 
  • There will be a quiz on the geometry lessons
  • Plan to eat a pot-luck lunch with us between classes (bring something to share if you can)

5/3 ITV 5pm
If you missed anything, you can view the class again here: http://www.justin.tv/uwrf_ed/b/317090243
Homework: find something you can measure repeatedly and collect data and make a line plot.  Your data should have at least different measured values (otherwise you need a different set of things to measure or a smaller measurement unit), and you should make at least 10 different measurements.


Tech support videos: using headers and footers and making tables.