Videos to watch Jan 31-Feb 2

1 a. our definition of equivalence mod n (about 7 mins)
1 b. how multiplication is different if n is prime (about 11 mins)
1 c. an example of proving something with both gcds and congruence mod n (about 7.5 mins)
1 d. another example of a proving things about congruence mod n. (about 8.5 mins)

Videos to watch Feb 2-5

2 a. Mod numbers and congruence classes: shorter version (9 mins), longer version (17 mins)
2 b. Proving divisibility using congruence (about 6.5 mins)
2 c. Adding and multiplying with congruence classes.  (about 9 mins) Refers to video 1d.

Videos for helping with mod number proofs.

M3 and 4
M8 part 1
M8 part 2

Videos for understanding mod numbers and equations

Equations part 1
Equations part 2
Equations part 3